13 February 2019 | By: Writing Buddha

Love kills us or do we kill love?

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Today’s the day of Valentine's when most of us celebrate relationships. There’s always lot of jokes going around about the pros and cons of being single or committed but as it said, how much you enjoy your singlehood, you want to end up getting committed once with the person you find yourself getting compatible with without thinking about what the future of this relationship would be. In the beginning of every relationship, it is felt as if this is going to be an endless odyssey which both of us shall walk together until one of us shall leave our mortal body but the realization dawns after few weeks when the affair of love gets little old.

No one wants to initially think about the limitations a love relationship comes with. Everyone believes and wants to believe that this is an endless saga that shall stay with us in every moment when we feel weaker at times. It is only when one realizes that most of the weakest moments of life are those which are caused because of this relationship itself, isn’t it? Loving someone is inevitable. You do not have control over it. Expressing your love is one hell of a task which not many can do. But these days because both the genders are associated since childhood very closely, love happens and it is expressed after an incidental kiss or physical intimacy already takes place. Holding each other’s hand itself clarifies both the person that something has been brewing in our hearts and it is only after some time that the final claim of love takes place until then it is all unsaid and adventurous.

A relationship takes away a lot of energy from you. A relationship needs a lot of involvement. Though everyone of us feel like it should keep walking in background along with our daily chores but it does not. It stops the moment you stop giving it the demanding attention. You have to slog very hard in a relationship. But the coolest part is that this slogging looks beautiful. No one complains about this until some day it all comes down to your ego, space, trust issues, time issues, commitment issues, loyalty issues, self-respect and personal life. It is only when you start losing the already set world of yours because of this new addition in your life do you start feeling the burden of this relationship or this relationship as a burden.

Love is beautiful and magic for sure. But remember, this love is never in the person you love, but within you. With time, we start considering love to be the person we are romantically involved in. We should be consciously aware of it in every moment that this love resides within us. That person has just been the trigger for it to be expressed and displayed. Otherwise, you are full of love already and you actually do not need anyone to feel you are in love. But then, God has created the two genders for some reason, right? So let’s not take away that from the creator. What I mean to say by saying that do not consider love to be in the person you are with is to ensure that your sanctity and your consciousness for yourself stays as it is irrespective of howsoever supportive and amicable your partner is.

The whole goof-up begins when you start expecting and dominating. You are then treated like a dog. Your self-respect is then tarnished every now and then. You become a slave of someone’s ego. You have to bear the mood swings of another person and think if you have done something wrong which made them react so unevenly. This is all very gross. The relationship if is named “Love”, then it should always display love. If a person makes mistake, it should be acceptable by them within minutes after committing. Judging your partner’s patience in relationship will only kill the feeling slowly. If that is what you are waiting for, continue disrespecting the relationship by keeping yourself and your mood above the person and relationship. But if anyway this matters to you then remember, the person with you is expecting love every moment. Even when there’s disagreement, arguments, unwanted discussions, just after the end of it, love is still expected immediately. If it does not come along with all of these, then the relationship is killing both the people or say, both the people are killing the relationship.

This Valentine’s Day, promise yourself that love is meant to be dived into without thinking about yourself, your breathe, your body, your existence. In that moment of diving, you only want to dive and swim and experience the new life. Always remember the moment when you were diving into this. Now that you have experienced and realized that there’s equal amount of challenges in the relationships as the excitement and fun, don’t forget the initial feeling you had. But if the relationship is not adding value to your life and is only giving you stress, then remember, it’s better staying single on such Valentine’s Day because as said, love is already there within you, you need not search it in someone who does not have respect for your existence in their life. This day is for feeling the presence of love within you first and then in the person you are with and celebrating this together. This is all I had to say on this beautiful day. Happy Valentine’s Day to all my readers. Go and express your love like never before. Or else, sit silently with eyes closed and feel it within you.

P.S:- I apologize to all the readers who have been posting comments and mailing about my disappearance. I hope I shall be more active from now on. 



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