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Movie Review: Good Newwz: One of the sensible comedy movies! ****

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There used to be a time in Bollywood when we got comedy movies every now and then and it was fun watching them but slowly, the frequency in which they come has become very less and over that, most of the comedy movies are so disappointing with no-brainer that we end up missing them to save ourselves from their atrocities to our brain. And talking among the Superstars who are actually known for doing comedy movies are only two- Govinda and Akshay Kumar out of which Govinda is away from the game and even Akshay Kumar comes with silly Housefull franchisee in the name of comedy. But this time his choice of being part of the movie- Good Newwz has been so exceptional that it can make him rethink if he has to end up doing only patriotic stuffs or should make equally good comedy movies too.

Good Newwz is about IVF – a topic that needs to be spoken of with people to ensure that people adopt it sooner to ensure happy life. But it comes with its own funny plot where the sperms get exchanged and now the two respective pregnant women are going to be giving birth to a child who is born with sperms of not their husband but someone else. This makes the plot of the movie too funny with incidents where both the couples are in confused mind whether they should be happy of getting pregnant after 7 years or worried about this. On the top of this, both the couples belong from different segment of society- Akshay-Kareena are from affluent rich Mumbai-based couple whereas Diljit-Kiara are from Chandigarh wearing weird fashionable clothes and talking in broken English. Hence, the conversations between them create a lot of laughter moments.

Being one of the mindful laughter movies which shall always be listed in best comedy movies made in this decade, the movie also talks about many issues or mindsets such as:-
1.       The reservations people have for going with IVF way of reproduction.
2.       The way men don’t empathize much with the feelings and issues women goes through in pregnancy.
3.       How in metro cities people in awe of career growth procrastinate the topic of having children.
4.       How society doesn’t let a couple roam freely once they are married and don’t have kids around them.
5.       How people are not going for adoption believing that it can’t replace the feeling of having own blood.
6.       How abortion is casually given as an option by men without thinking once about the woman who is carrying the baby.
7.       The way high-class society has reservations in accepting or bonding with a middle-class society as their regular friends.

These are few observations I had while watching the movie which I am sure you shall also be able to identify in the scenes when it becomes prominent without sounding too preachy. I am purposely not mentioning the scenes to not ending up having this as a spoiler review.

Dialogues are very nice and they are able to make you laugh like mad, smile and even cry at times. The cameraperson has done a wonderful job along with the recce team as even the home and hospital interiors are captured so beautifully that you shall fall with love in Mumbai once again. The songs are okay which gel up with the ambience of the movie but are forgettable. The climax is beautiful which makes this movie special.

Performance-wise, Akshay Kumar, like always, does justice and plays his part so perfectly that most of the times he is the one who ensures that comic timing is pitch perfect which entertains the audiences. Kareena Kapoor, in her role, swings beautifully from a smart corporate high-class employee to a simple woman who has motherly feelings and expectations at home. She has done a very good job. Diljit Dosanjh is at par with Akshay Kumar in ensuring that we are entertained and his way of dialogue delivery etc. are fantabulous. Talking about Kiara, she displays her acting prowess as she plays a character completely opposite to what she played in Kabir Singh and does perfectly well with her comedy scenes too. With this, the supporting cast such as Adil Hussain and Tisca Chopra have also played an important role in the movie as Doctor couple.

Overall, the movie gives you a wonderful vibe as a movie buff and as this is one of the rare sensible comedy movies in this decade, I will not shy in giving this movie 4 stars out of 5. Please go and watch this movie.



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