19 November 2019 | By: Writing Buddha

Whenever you are asked to be CHANGED.. THINK if the CHANGE is actually REQUIRED...

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Change is the only constant, they ask us to believe it, right? I also appreciate this but only when we are changing ourselves for the better. What happens is that we change ourselves more for alternatives and not for something that is for betterment of our personality or the kind of person we are. Suppose if I am an alcoholic, I, rather than boycotting it would become a smoker and say that I have changed myself. Similarly, if I am wasting money on useless shopping, I would stop doing that and begin spending money on useless possessions such as collection of 50 odd shoes. Now, in our head, we are like- I am changed now. I don’t do that anymore. I should feel appreciated. But is this the kind of change we should look forward in ourselves? I don’t think so.

The first question that arises here is we are changing for what. Is the change even required? Is what we originally are- is incorrect? Will the change take me miles ahead in whatsoever big or small goals I have? There should always be analysis on the same. This needs self-introspection, self-realization and self-improvement. But what happens is that we end up changing ourselves just because someone said us that we need it because of some of their perspective towards us. Now it is upon you to decide if you are here to impress him/her/everyone or to stay with the person God created in you on this planet. If you shall keep changing yourself for everyone who tries to project themselves as your well-wisher, in the end, you are going to be part of each of them but nothing of yours shall remain in you. Is that what you want to become?

People tell me to be more social and involved with the people around me. I say, why? Why do we need to socialize when it is actually not benefitting me? I just can’t waste an evening of my life fake laughing with people with none of my heart just for proving that I am one of the people to look forward to whenever there’s a plan. I am better the way I am. Reading books. Watching movies. Writing posts such as this one. Meditating. Watching spiritual Youtube channels. Living in the beautiful flashbacks of my life. I feel myself evolved after this process. But after socializing with people who are no substance in my life, I feel like I have lost a part of my life when I go to sleep because the important hours of my life have got wasted JUST LIKE THAT.

Your parents, family, relatives, siblings, partners, spouse, colleagues, neighbours etc. shall always blame you for something or the else which you weren’t able to suffice as per their expectation from you. There are 100 kinds of expectations that a single person itself can have from you. Are you here to fulfil all of them or to live your life as a protagonist of your own story? I don’t think that anybody would want to be a Supporting actor in the movie of their own life. At least, there we are the Hero and all others are playing characters around us. Why do we make someone else Lead and stay a pillion? Not needed if the change doesn’t have potential.

Just because someone wants you to be inactive on Social media accounts doesn’t mean you should stop uploading those Stories on which even if there are No Views, it gives you motivation to lead your day. Just because someone wants you to be grumpy towards people they hate doesn’t mean you need to change your body language whenever you talk with those people. You stay your way and build your relationships your way. Analyse the people your way and understand if they need to be in the 1st or 2nd or 3rd circle of your life. This is what I call changing for alternatives and not for betterment. 

You are just not doing this but doing that. It’s better you do This only but in a better way. This THIS is your own personality- your own texture- your own painting- your own calling. This THIS is YOU! Don’t change THIS completely until you know that it’s really something bad which is doing no good to you and your life. For e.g. smoking, excess drinking, wastage of time on Social media on chatting and liking others’ pictures, watching useless vlogs on Youtube which teaches you nothing, playing PUBG for hours, being short-tempered and causing harm to others with your attitude etc. These are the few things which pull you and your morale down without making you realize it. This makes you realize only after you have lost a lot in life. And then we blame him/her for changing us. No one should ever be blamed for changing us. We are the decision-makers if we deserve change or not.

Change yourself as per your requirement! You are the owner of your life. You are the rider of your vehicle. You are your source of energy. In the moments of loneliness, only your real self stays with you. Let’s not corrupt ourselves for petty requirements of people. Let’s keep ourselves the way we are assured that we shall lead the best possible life. That’s the only request.



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