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Dvarca by Madhav Mathur (Book Review- 3.75*/5) !!!

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FingerPrint publication is one of those in the industry that never talks much but keeps on doing their job perfectly by releasing one great book after another. This time I picked up one of their recent releases,”Dvarca” written by Madhav Mathur, whom I have never read before. I had read many people comparing this book with the classic “1984” and now that I am done reading this book, I can say that this one of the rarest books that you will get to read by an Indian author. This is not a simple and straightforward book written like an essay with personal opinions of authors spread across a book making it sound more preachy and cheesy. This one is thought-provoking and intelligent.

Author has built up his characters very well and the way he portrays different scenarios through them does the wonder a reader expects in a book. Author talks about our past, present and future in such a manner that you can actually relate with few of the things. The book talks about all the problems that we are facing in our country and how a great leader can change all of it. The discussion of mythology and how it is related with this fast-paced story is commendable. I liked the mythology part the most. The book is written as if it is a poetry which does not make you in slowing down your reading pace. 

It is one of the few books which manage to talk substance, seriousness along with the pinch of humour and satire. The satirical takes are so mature that I believed the writer is a full-time editor for a National daily. The only drawback is that the initial pages are very tough to understand because of the unnatural way of writing but once the characters are built up completely, you start enjoying the backdrop of the novel. I give this book 3.75* out of 5. I am waiting for 2nd part now. 



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