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Chain Reaction by Amit Sayaji (Book Review- 4.25*/5) !!!

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There are times when you do not get a very good fiction book to read because of mediocrity of the local writers but all of a sudden the faith gets restored because of that one book which makes you want to pick up more random books without reading the name of the author. Something similar has happened with me this week. I have completed reading the book written by Amit Sayaji (about whom I have never heard before) named “Chain Reaction”. Though the cover page isn’t that attractive and impressive but the story and narration has made it one of the most memorable books of my reading journey or now, you can say, marathon, which I am running since last 6 years. 

The autobiographical feel given to this fiction story makes this book very readable and enjoying. The unpredictability of the story makes this book what it is. The characterizations of each and every character even though the books have multiple of them is done so intriguingly that you almost believe that this is a true story and each one of them might get covered in a news report in tomorrow’s paper. Such is the narration of the author! 

Even though the book is of almost 400 pages, you will not like leaving it without completing it in one go. I generally end up reading a book within a day at most even with breaks and all but I took whole one week to cover this book. A reader will like to stay with this story for lifetime. The comic timing of the author in the first half makes this book a very interesting and entertaining read. The protagonist and his friends are just the people you have seen since your childhood. The way whole childhood is described makes you laugh and giggle at many places. The book becomes little boring when the earning phase of the protagonist begins. But the author brings the story back on track when the protagonist realizes what his selfishness has ended up doing for the people he loved the most in life. From here, the book takes a very intense tone which again makes you feel bad for the character. 

This whole pre-climax and climax is written so sincerely that even you will start connecting all the dots of your life and wish to say sorry to everyone who have lost something because of you, your decisions or your mischief’s. Chain Reaction is a book that has all the elements a pulp fiction should have. I wish the author writes many books in future as he has the potential to reach the epitome. As written by a prominent personality on the back cover of the book, I will end this review with the same words,”Amit Sayaji is a truly gifted storyteller”. I rate this book 4.25 out of 5. Recommended!



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