2 January 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

What 2015 has in store for me?

1181st BLOG POST -->>

    And the year of 2014 leaves us and goes never to return back. It's always painful to know that few moments that we had will never come back to us. When it's about year, we feel very nostalgic and wish it stayed with us for little more longer. There are many targets, goals, objectives, missions and visions that we had with the year and it passes on just like that. We do celebrate 31st December but somewhere in the mind the whole year passes as a flashback and at one point of time, you want it to stop then and there so that you can start your life again from there. There are so many things that are left incomplete. There are so many moments that have gone unnoticed. There are so many people we have lost because of no reason at all. There are so many opportunities which we had not capitalized and lost a great success story of which we could have been a part. That's how we leave a year and move ahead to start with a new one.

         2014 has been one of the best years for me but definitely not the best. I started off well but somewhere lost myself around August-September. I started off well meeting various celebrities and talking with them as if they are my gym friends. The list included names like Raghu Ram, Tisca Chopra, Imtiaz Ali, Ketan Bhagat, Ravi Subramanian etc. I also hosted few events in my college. I was made Class Representative for the last academic year. I got a wonderful response from my classmates for that. I was also been called to my previous college as its well-stable alumni to deliver a speech to its new batch of BBA and BCA students. I also found 15-minutes happiness twice by getting selected in first round of selection procedure of IT companies for internship. I completed 1100th Blog posts. I purchased A/c and LED Smart TV from my hard-earned money which are still luxuries for me. In 2 of the results of my MCA course that got revealed this year, I was passed in the first attempt itself with satisfactory marks. 

        These are few of my highlights of 2014 because of which I shall always remember it. I also went on completing few of my many resolutions such as offering my prayers and gratitude at Shirdi etc. I also created a new website- Bollywoodism which was in my plans from a long time and got good response for it though its dying these days. I got a chance to be one of the administrators of biggest group of MCA on Facebook which provides online tutorial and help to MCA students. I read and reviewed 65 novels- 10 less than what I targeted upon. Similarly, there are many small achievements and opportunities that I banked upon. 

          Out of everything that kept happening with my life, I somewhere found myself lost in the last quarter. Suddenly I felt that it's time to chose a way and follow it without enjoying my life the way I have been doing. I found that I have always wanted to be little of everything but that's not how I will get internship, placement, job and bread in life. For that, I need to chose a proper field and get dedicated to the same. And since then I found myself clueless, jobless and hopeless. I felt as if I have wasted all these years in becoming something which has no value in market. And therefore I stopped blogging, reading novels, studying, finding internship and doing everything that I used to do. And this is how I will always remember 2014 for making me realize that I'm worthless, useless and directionless. 

          Now, as 2015 has begun, I have decided to keep my list of resolutions short. The only target as of now is gaining enough knowledge so that I end up getting a good job after completing MCA. I do not want 2015 to be a depressing and jobless year as it seems to be happening. I wish to change my life from here on wards. Already this year will see my education getting over and professional world welcoming me. I just want it to be delighting and memorable. The first half of 2015 will be all about my efforts, hard work, dedication, sleepless nights that I shall put to make myself a salable employee. The 2nd half will be about delivering what I would have done in these 6 months. Another resolution is to lose the fats that I have accumulated in 2014 like anything. It's becoming very embarrassing for me now. :| Let's see what 2015 has for store in me. I wish all of you do not have such a confusion about this year as me. A very HAPPY NEW YEAR to each one of you who have stayed by me since 5 and a half years. God Bless You!



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