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Lemon Girl by Jyoti Arora (Book Review-3.75*/5) !!!

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   It's 25th day of the new year and I have finished reading the first book this year now. It's not that I picked it just today and did it in first sitting but I was struggling to complete it since last week of December. I went into the state of reading and Writing block because of extreme stress of academics. I am finally done reading LEMON GIRL written by Jyoti Arora. This is her 2nd book and as far as I can remember, I didn't find her first book quite perfect. Talking about Lemon Girl, I am happy that though the authoress took many years to write it but the way she has grown with her writing has really impressed me. Right from the starting, book holds you and makes you a part of the feelings that Nirvi and Arsh keeps on expressing as first person in chapter after chapter. In some cases, you find Nirvi's point of view correct while in other, Arsh's. That's the magic of this book.

         Though the book starts as if it's just another love story but keeping the pace in synchronization, Lemon Girl becomes more than a love story and you find many such topics discussed that makes you think again and again about who's right and who's wrong. The personal trauma of Nirvi is so perfectly scripted that your sympathy with her character remains until the climax of the book. The passion of Arsh towards Nirvi in few scenes initially and then, mainly in climax tells you how beautifully even a male character is portrayed. The character of Tiya tells you how a girl bears a break-up or an unsuccessful relation because of a friend but still remains positive about her. Nirvi's life with Sam is also nicely shown through words and you can easily understand the plight of Nirvi's whole persona that she adopts because Sam does not like her doing certain things. 

          Lemon Girl also discussed about rape and its after-effect in a girl's life. I liked the way authoress has written the chapter where rape is executed. The climax is also well crafted and does not let you feel that just because the story had to be completed somehow, author took some step foolishly the way Chetan Bhagat did with Half Girlfriend's climax. Last time I had a complain that Jyoti made the story sound bore by over describing things but this time, she kept it short and still effective. Still I would like to compliment the way she discusses few sensitive topics and love in few chapters. After reading the whole book when you will see its cover page again, you will be lost in thoughts and it would become hard to forget about Nirvi's struggle once she leaves her current world and goes to work in Rishikesh. Overall, a good attempt which can be surely read. I give it 3.75 stars out of 5. The only problem is the price of this book- Rs. 255. :-(



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