18 April 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Honthon Se Choo Lo Tum, Mera Geet Amar Kar Do !!!

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       Certain moments of life define your past, present and future. They make you remember all that happened in the course of that past which you never wanted to happen or the one which you want to see again and again in your life. Then, there are certain moments in your present which you want to remain as it is and you wish that the time stops and give a chance to you to enjoy every bit of it. Then, certain future that you dream or you want yourself to witness them, you have them in your mind running continuously and hence provoking you to reach there. So, this is how life goes and this is how we fall in love with certain moments of life. But, is it always that we think of all the beautiful moments or is it(thinking) the only source of remembering them? Sincerely, No. 

            Sometimes, you meet certain group of people in train, working place or in your neighborhood, you see them from a decent distance and then start remembering your time when you had the same fun and moments with your friends. Sometimes when you see the same things happening with a small child that happened with you, you remember all those childhood moments by once and fall in the past. When you see someone professional wearing well-ironed cloths and talking with someone in a fluent English on his smartphone, you fall in the valley that has all your desire to be the same one day. Similarly, songs play an essential part in making you remember certain parts of your life in a go and you fall prey to it in such a way that you think of the same for the whole day. And thus, some songs remain very close to your heart which played its part in those moments of your life when they were the closest to you than anything else. 

           It was a beautiful monsoon environment. I was made to wake up at 5 AM in the morning because I and my father had to catch a bus for Pune. Later, when he called at the company's reception, they told him that a Sumo of company is going to Pune so its better that you load whatever things you have to transfer to Pune to the hostel of your child in it. My father ordered me to take all the baggage that I had packed for taking them to hostel, and keep them in the Sumo and go to Pune to lock all of them in the locker first. From Roha to Pune, several ghats of Lonawala come in the way. And that makes this route the best route you can travel on. And hence, every Maharastrian tries to visit Lonavala once in monsoon so that he gets to see several waterfalls and beautiful climate and scenarios. The uncle who was sitting with me asked the driver to turn on the radio. And one song that kept on repeating itself on a loop was "Ya Ali" from Gangster. That was a new song then for which people were turning crazier. I heard the song for at most 25 times in my journey. And, today, if I hear Ya Ali or even see its video, I start remembering that journey to Pune and all my days that I have passed there.

             Similarly, we had a radio set in our Hostel-room. One of our favorite radio-channel, always played "Aankhein teri" from Anwar. And, that song, whenever is played, makes me remember all those moments I had with my room-mates, those chatting till late night, those funny arguments etc. And, when the first break-up of my life took place, I was preparing to go for a show of Salaam-e-Ishq as I already had advance booking of it. In the movie, when I heard "Ya Rabba" by Kailash Kher, it made me cry; because it made me remember all those loving moments I had with that sweet bitch. And till today, whenever I hear this song, it takes me to those days when I used to recharge my friends' mobile to talk to her as I didn't possessed one then. Even when I am sad sometimes remembering all those failed relationships in my life, this songs plays somewhere in the background of my conscious mind making me feel more nostalgic and emotional.

               When I joined Graduation college, then the song which was the heartbeat of youngsters was "Aahoon Aahoon" from Love Aajkal. Whenever in class, a girl used to play it loudly on her handset, that used to make my friend go dhin-chak-dhin. And, that was the moment I got my first official kind of a girlfriend. And, even today when he sees the name of the song in my playlist while browsing other songs, he starts provoking me to talk about all those days when I used to be with her by ignoring him away. :-) I remember, once I had fight with my parents and I went out of house for some minutes (Yaa, that's the length to which I can show attitude to my parents :-)), I had my earphones with me, I turned on the random play, and "Koi Fariyaad" of Jagjit Singh started playing. I concentrated on its lyrics and I found it quite touching and suiting to the situation I was in. Since then, whenever I hear this song, I remember of my parents and feel like hugging both of them. 

                 Last year, after returning from Water Kingdom, I and 2 of my friends passed the night at my home as dinner was planned in my town, so when we were on bed to finally sleep as we were quite tired after running and swimming all day at Water kingdom, I played on the then new song "Teri Meri" From Bodyguard on loop for the whole night. And till today, that song reminds me of the innumerable masti we had that day in Water Kingdom and after that in my home. And last but not the least, once I asked that special *one* to sing a song for me on my birthday, and she sang a song which was unknown to me then- "Geet gaata hu main, gungunata hun main, maine hasne ka vaada kiya tha kabhi, isliye ab sadaa muskurata hu main", she purposely sang this because I used to live a very depressing life. And since then, whenever I watch this song on TV (I haven't kept it in my playlist as I don't want to remember that selfish creature again in life), I remember her and I switch to another channel. :-)

              So, this is how certain songs become an essential part of our life. They make us remember our past, present and future from the incredible strength they have in them of pulling us towards those moments of life- either happy or sad. Similarly, everyone of you may be having some songs which would be taking you to that era of your life which was either very beautiful or very ugly moment for you, do remember those songs, and try to block these songs from making an effect on your emotional state, if you win, do tell me. :-) I am sure none of you are going to win. I am hearing to one such song right now which takes me to the moment which was the most special one in life. "Pehli pehli baar mohabbat ki hai, kuch na samajh mein aaye main kya karoon" :-)

            Turn on your NOSTALGIC PLAYLIST.



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Aarthi Baskaran said...

nice!! :) keep going.

Anamika said...

Beautiful title..truly truly musical !! loved it!! i feel d same wen i turn on to my playlists..For me Music is life so a big big thanku thanku thanku for writing dis one...THANK U :)

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Aarthi

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Anamika.. Dont u think that this is the most unique post done by me ever? I dont know why I feel this.

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