12 April 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

AFREEN- An Encouragement, Luck and Praise is KILLED!!!

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       Few years ago, I was discussing with some of my friends that what would you do if you get a daughter. And suddenly, I started getting various replies:-
"I will get to know what it feels when a girl is being commented as slut and other offensive words"
"I would love to see her cuteness almost every minute. For me, girls are cute and I will really cherish her sweetness."
"I will let her roam everywhere she would want to and I will try to provide her best protection possible from my side"
"I will start hunting for a good boy for her right from the moment she will be born. I will never risk her life."

            And, in the end, when I was asked, what's my opinion if I'll have a daughter, my reply was,"I would love to see her on Television anchoring a News channel. I always want to see my wife or sister or daughter, any of them as a senior reporter anchoring news on television with smartness. Or, if not that, at least A Radio Jockey, because I know how much smile these girls produce through their job". And this conversation made me feel so proud of myself and my friends. And to be little more revealing, it does not matter, but I feel I should speak it, all those friends were Muslims. And today, we got to hear another news where a Muslim father- Umar Farooq killed his 3 months old daughter- Afreen just because she was a girl. Few weeks ago, we heard another news of Baby Falak dying in a hospital. The mystery is still unsolved that why does these men have so much problem with a baby girl?

             As per 99% of my friends, all of them believe that life is boring without girls. I see Girls as the medium which makes a man ambitious about his life and his aims. I see Girls as a total catalyst in any family. I see Girls as the most motivating creation of God. Every time, a boy performs, he sees if there's a girl who is enjoying his performance. Even when I get an appreciating comment from a girl, it works more powerfully than 5 comments of my male friends. So, this is how Girls act in the life of us, the Boys. But still, the data and reports which we get says that the most abortions which took place in recent times are because it was a female child. Come on, what's your problem with this gender? According to me, there's just a reason for which one would be wanting to kill a girl child. And that is:- Dowry. I don't find any other reason for which a girl can be killed. And is Dowry such a big thing? Develop your Girl-child to be self-dependent, and see how families would see her as their ideal daughter-in-law. Even, my choice for a wife is the one who would be ambitious, hard-working and quite self-dependent. So, develop your girl-child like a real man rather than killing and being a Chakka. 

           In the same conversation, those friends asked me "What would be a sudden change in my lifestyle once my daughter will enter into my life". And I replied,"I will stop living with my head high in society. Because, once she will grow up and have relationships, it will be hard to face the society. While in the situation of boys, you can say- Awara hai and move forward". All of them agreed to me. This is the only negative thing I feel that would change in me once I will have a daughter. Else, I would feel proud to have a Daughter. And if she turns out to be a good girl(having no bad boy around her :-)), that would be the proudest moment of my life. I can say to the world that not all urbanized girl are flirtatious, some of them have other good things in life to flirt with. Whenever I see girls performing near me, I find it quite obvious. It's not surprising, now-a-days. But still, if people on gender discrimination, wants the girl child to die, or to be locked in the room, or to wear Burqa and sit at home, there's no solution. 

           I, as a 22 years old boy, want every girl to be exploring, confident, performer, ambitious and at the same time, cultural, traditional and conscious. I find no reason to abort them, kill them, throw them in dustbins, or make them education-free, or make them sit at home under thick dupatta on their head, or to marry them to an alcohol-addict just to free myself from a big responsibility, or to harm them in any other way. Fathers should understand that there is nothing more beautiful than girls in this world. Our mothers are the most caring and selfless, our sisters are the sweetest and the cutest, our female friends are the real motivators, our wives is the only one on whom we can trust in life. What more can I say? I am still in shock that how can a father be so pitiless to hit his own 3-months-old daughter. Even today, when I see a child of 5 years old, I assess only cuteness in him/her, how can he find an evil, foe, bad luck in her. May God bless all the girl child in this world. And my condolences for this unlucky girl- Baby Afreen whose name itself means lucky, praise and encouragement. Hope her father could have understood this. SHAME!!!

P.S: I have specified the caste of my friends above because, as this issue has turned into an international news, I don't want people to judge a religion because of it, hence I wanted to share the conversation which I specifically had with my Muslim friends. Its about Good and Bad people, not a Caste or Non-caste people. 

 Thanks. RIP Baby Afreen. May your soul rest in peace. 


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Anamika said...

RIP BABY...Respect a girl child...
its 21st century n still gender discrimination..Shocking !! dis is a shame to d society...wat a sick mentality this monster has..why the hell these kind of people get married...this man doesn't even deserve to be called a father N why why why he is still alive...hang him till death...

Asit said...

good one abhilash.....this blog has lot of meaning..thank you very much sir...

Writing Buddha said...

Anamika, its totally right that these people dont deserve to be fathers but this Talibani punishment is not going to stop them... Awareness is.. And Government should start the campaign.. rather than those small NGOs who cant reach every village.

Writing Buddha said...

U r welcome my dear friend Asit.

sim cards uk said...

I read your blog.Your thinking is so advanced i.e. i can't any comment over your blog.

Writing Buddha said...

Hey its nothing like that. I write what I feel. Nothnig advance in it.

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