2 October 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Woh Ek October Ka Din !!!

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        As you all know that I have been away from writing any post from last 1 week, I would not take time to tell the reason. Actually, after reading Tera Tha Hi Kya Jo Kho Gaya, I felt that I cannot do the same kind of justice with my readers like I did in that post. So I took time so that my readers can forget that one. :-) Yes, I am this crazy. For this, you can kill me in the comment section too. I know you will not kill me because my birthday is too near. You may do it after that. :-) Its 1st October and I remembered the October of 2009 when I wrote 34 posts. I almost wrote a post everyday without missing a day or being lazy. But, last month i.e. September, I have posted just 13 Blog Posts. This is too disappointing for me and I want to abuse myself. Ok, I'll do it. I don't want you to do it for me. :-) But one fact which makes me smile after going through all the posts of September is that- I have posted some of the best posts of my whole blogging career. People have rated almost all the Blog as the best by me. For that, I want to kiss you all just like Kamaal R Khan kisses Asin every day on Twitter. :-) Sorry, I am little less cheaper than him. 

              As I was thinking of this month, I remembered an incident which happened with me on the same day in 2009- 1st October. My college began on 3rd August, 2009. It was the first day of college and I was waiting to see the most beautiful girl of my class. Almost 7 to 8 girls were sitting in the class in the first lecture and I didn't found any one of them so interesting that I may see a girlfriend in any one of them. This is how I analyze girls. :-). After 20 minutes, this girl entered the class in white frock-kind-of-top and tight pyjama. All the boys of my class started staring at her like hungry wolves. Some of them even made sounds like wolves after seeing her. Some started fantasizing her with their eyes. I felt awkward because I already saw a girlfriend in her and I was jealous of other boys that even they got a chance to see my girlfriend. Almost, every boys' eyes had lust in them. But my eyes had one more thing- Love. Yes, that was Love @ First Sight which you almost do every time you see a beautiful girl passing by your side. 

               It took 2 weeks for me to start talking to her. When I started, I found that she can't speak properly because she is a South-Indian and she is not comfortable with Hindi. I started ceasing her at every error in her pronunciation and this is how I started attracting her towards me. This is my style. I never show my crush that I am attracted towards her. I always try to make them get attracted towards me. Chalo chchodo ye sub. At last, we both got committed on 28th August,2009 after one week of friendship. Yes, for some, Success comes too fast. I started sitting with her in Garden like the lovers of 90's and we talked almost everything. She told me about her life in Tamil Nadu and I told her about my life. She liked almost everything I uttered and it was the same from my side too. I always felt that I never deserved her but I was as lucky as Dhoni's Captaincy that I got her. All the boys of my class were in race but winner has to be one and being that one is always special and awesome. :-) We went to Inorbit Vashi and Vashi Mini Seashore for dates. Both the dates were awesome. 

              I almost started falling madly for her when she suddenly stopped talking to me and broke off. I was about to land into depression when an anger within me asked me to do better than her in life and show her whom she ditched. People still laugh on me that I fell for a girl who had many more boyfriends at the same time and after the break-up too but I never comment on it because I liked her and it will remain a fact. While we were in relation, I used to write Blogs on our relationship and kept it updated because then, my blog was just a personal diary for me and nothing else. She knew about this and it made her insecure and she complained about this to our class teacher in my absence. I got a call where I was given a DAMN DHAMKI that tomorrow you are going to sued because of your blog. I was astonished that my blog has been read by the students of my class because I never told anyone about my blog then. I always recorded all the phone calls and saved all the mobile messages in my computer. I never found its advantage from last 2 years but I don't know what kept me doing it then. This is what helped me that night. 

             I started searching for all the talks I had with her on my mobile phone and all the SMS chats I had with her. Fortunately, I found them all and I transferred them to my portable hard drive. I deleted all the 20 blog posts I wrote about her. At every click, my angst for her kept growing. Deleting 20 blog posts was such a pain for me. That night she became the biggest enemy of my life. 
              Next morning, I tried to reach college to ask all the children what happened last day in college that dragged her to go to class teacher and lodge my complain. I came to know that all the losers who were in the race supported her and this made me stand in Danger Zone. I tried to talk to all of them but the blindfold of her on their eyes was too strong. I gathered all the other children on my side and told them about the data I bought with me which will play against her. Someone from them passed this message to her and she decided to end the whole matter in the class itself rather than taking it to the class teacher. That day, she had to confess in front of everyone that she had an affair with me as she told everyone that Abhilash has misunderstood my over-friendliness as an affair. This made all those boys hide their face in shame. 

             This day was 1st October, 2009 when it changed the environment of whole class. Everyone boycotted her and stopped interacting with her. She remained all alone after that. She started under performing academically and socially too. I felt bad about her but I didn't wanted to support her anymore. I tryst with reality and I wanted her to face all the bad consequences of playing game against me. I wanted her to cry. I wanted her to bear. I wanted her to suffer. I wanted her to break down. I turned into evil for her. This was the day when I decided not to fall in love ever again until I'll know the girl properly. This Love @ First Sight is the foolish thing to do. Its better to know the girl first and then decide whether to be in relationship with her or not. I have been Single after that. I haven't tried to get involved in any kind of relationship after that. I have fallen in love for once or twice after that but I have decided to be Single rather than being in relationship with such kind of girls. 

             Friends, pray for me that I get a good babe very soon. :-) Hahaha.



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nikhimenon said...

pray for me that I get a good babe very soon. ://

will do...

Dolly said...

LOL...its really a good post after a long time.I can't control my laugh..:)(sorry to u if it is nt fiction)...keep writing and may God give u ur kind of babe sooon ..

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh. dnt wrry u ll surely gt sumone of ur type vry soon....

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Nikhi sir. hahaha

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Dolly. And it was sad to hear that I gave a good post after a long time. :-)

Writing Buddha said...

Yes Megha... Hmmmmm... :-)

Anonymous said...

LOL i just cant stop laughing man .....is this any fiction or real lyf story?

Writing Buddha said...

Shubham ji, ye hamari adhuri prem kahani hai aur aaapko hasi aa rahi hai? Hahaha. Yes, its my true story. :-)

mahesh said...

ur narration is gr8.... thats all i would say..:p

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