7 October 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Birthday Is Meant To Be Celebrated !!!

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Gift by friends to me
        Celebrating Birthday in a busy life is like experiencing New York in Patna. Thank God, I'm not Chetan Bhagat otherwise last sentence would have landed me into a controversy. :-) The people from Bihar would have burnt my effigies for this. Even Nitish Kumar would have given a statement. Sometimes its better not to be a celebrity. And we should be happy that we are common people who can speak any nonsense and stay safe from abuses and objections of others. Sorry, distracted from the topic. So, this birthday passed without celebrations but still I am happy about it. I am not from that class of people who say that "I don't celebrate Birthdays because I am grown up now" or "I am an adult now and it doesn't look cool celebrating birthdays every year with mob of friends at a restaurant or hall". I believe that life is beautiful and we should celebrate it every day. As each day is filled with lots of tasks to do and lots of target to be accomplished, we don't get time to celebrate it, so, at least we should celebrate on the day when our arrival in this world bought smile to the most beautiful woman of this world- Our Mothers and pride on the face of the world's most hard-working person- Our Fathers. 

             I attended college on my Birthday. I had a presentation and it went awesome. The lost confidence of many months was regained back. Distributed my favourite- Dairy Milk among my classmates. Being back at home, I kept attending all the calls from beautiful people who kept trying to talk to me all day when I was sitting in class with my phone at vibrating mode. I don't know how it happened this time but I am still amazed at the excitement and love people have shown for me on this birthday. In 1 hour i.e. 12 AM to 1 AM on 4th October, I almost received 50 SMS, 10 calls, 120 Twitter messages and 50+ Facebook messages. After the whole day ended, I almost had more than 600 wishes in every form with me. The kind of love this 600 people have shown for me has motivated my conscious and sub-conscious mind a lot. As I said in my last post, being celebrity on my birthday is what I like. But who knew that people will make me feel the kind of ABHILASH RUHELA I have always wanted to be like. I wanted to be loved by people and I am happy to see that people love me. Today, everyone in world needs love. No one wants fake respect, loyalty and trust, but people are ready to have fake love. This is the power of LOVE that people are thrusting for.

              The best part of this birthday has been the moment when my parent wished me. It happens very rare that my father is at home on my birthday because he lives 60 km away for work. This time he was with me at home and this was also the first time when he managed to wish me before mom. Actually, he benefited from the fact that mom was busy in Navratri fest celebrations going on in society while he was at home with me. :-) Nahi to aaj kal ladke kahaan jeet paa rahe hain ladkiyon se. :-) After that mom came and wished me. It was quite emotional as she started crying. This has been her bad responsibility of crying since last 4 years as she know my struggle in life. She remembers it and then starts crying that her baby would not have been alive today if he would not have dared to fight against himself. This makes her shiver even today and it is what makes her cry. I pleaded her for stopping the flow of tears as everything is as best as it can be and she agreed as sweetly as me. :-)

               The second best moment was when my best friends gifted me the best that came in their dull and lazy minds. :-) Sorry friends but I can only judge your brains as I do mine. :-) Yusuf, my college friend, gifted me a Harley Davidson pen which is quite unique and stylish. For a writer, what can be better than a pen? Vandana, Arya and Prema gifted me a beautiful momento which had "Happy Birthday. May the pleasure of this day always remind you of every GOODNESS and Joy that's wished for you." inscribed on it. It has two beautiful flowers carved on it and a butterfly. I think Vandana and Prema are those 2 flowers on it while Arya is the butterfly who keeps flying away from me periodically. :-) Sorry Arya. :-) And last but one of the best, Abhinav- my childhood friend gifted me a book by Sidin named DORK. Being an avid reader, I am always in hunger and thirst of a good book and I am happy that Abhinav selected a gift like book to handover to me on my birthday. I would like to thank all these 5 friends who made me feel special on my 22nd birthday and made me realize that I do have good friends in my life who will remain life long with me- Either physically or through the gift.  My Mausaji also gifted me a cool T-shirt. My love to him and his family.

               Jaatey Jaatey, I want to thank everyone who gave pain to their fingers and sent me those text messages. I want to thank every on Twitter who felt that I am so important to be particularly mentioned in a tweet and be wished on the birthday. Nahi to Strangers ko kya matlab kisi ko wish karne se? I would also like to thank those friends on Facebook who never remembered my birthday but Facebook pushed them to write on my wall and make me feel happy. :-) I would like to thank a special friend on Twitter- Rahul Tiwari who sent a poem to me-
"A wish for your day, a wish foryour night....
  A wish for your may, a wish for your might...
  A wish for your wrong, a wish for your right...
  A wish for your walk a wish for your flight..
  A wish for your name, a wish for your fame..
  A wish for you say..a wish for your way...
  Finally I wish you a rocking birthday..."

              And one more friend- Vickas Tomar who sent me an another poem in 140 characters- "ABHILASH ki ABHILASHA, Ek BLOGGER aur khubsurat si bhasha, khwab sapne bade uske aur insaan pyara, kabool karo ye tohfa hamara!" 

             I have no words to thank everyone of you who loved me beyond words. I am happy that you have kept me somewhere in the corner of your heart. Keep showering love on me and I'll keep entertaining all of you through blogs and tweets. I am not capable of doing anything better than this. This is the level till where I have explored myself. :-) And from here, the 23rd year of my life begins and I am expecting many more blogs and tweets from me and love from you.



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Basil said...

You have such wonderful friends, and I hope I can be one among them. Came to know you and your blog through an author's wall on FB,and we became friends a day before your 22nd birthday. I, for myself, celebrated my birthday over the weekend few weeks ago and had great memories too.

hamaarethoughts.com said...

Wow!chota sa ..baada abhilaash..
Happy birthday again..love the whole post.. and great friends isn't it?
God bless you!
"ABHILASH ki ABHILASHA, Ek BLOGGER aur khubsurat si bhasha, khwab sapne bade uske aur insaan pyara, kabool karo ye tohfa hamara!"
very nice :)

Writing Buddha said...

Hey Basil, I am happy that we came across and u r already friends. Im happy that u have liked my blog and u r following it now. I hope Ill keep u intrigued with my stories.

Zainab Urooj said...

Hey Belated Wishes!

I just went through this post randomly. I'm sorry I'm not sure when your birhtday is :( May Lord Almighty Bless You :)

"Sometimes its better not to be a celebrity..." This is sooo true..

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks a lot Zainab.

Anonymous said...

Hy m really srry dt i dint wish u on ur bday n also i behaved vry rudely wid u.... m really srry... n i hope dt u ll forgive me for ds.....

Writing Buddha said...

I have already forgiven u for this.

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