11 October 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Rishtey Mein Toh Hum Tumharey Baap Hotey Hain !!!

            470th BLOG -->>

        It was May 2009 when I recharged for my GPRS pack for the first time. Before this, I always heard people talking about using GPRS for free on their cellphones because of some technical failures. I connected my mobile to my PC and started surfing Orkut. Yes, those were the days when I used to fantasize Orkut. Even when other websites have f*cked Orkut badly, I still believe that excitement of logging into Orkut between 2006-09 was the best than checking Comments on Facebook's status and new Tweets on Twitter's Timeline. After one week of Orkutting, I felt like logging into some other sites and explore some new world rather than wasting time in chatting and stalking beautiful girls on Internet. Yes, I was that silly. And still, I am. :-) Suddenly, I remembered that Amitabh Bachchan writes Blog which turns out to be controversial many-a-times because he speaks out his mind and heart. I thought of checking it. I searched on Google and landed on "bigb.bigadda.com".

               After reading his 300th and something blog post, I didn't understood anything because of the incredible words he used. I read some more blogs from him and I started following it. After some days, I felt that even I should start writing daily on a medium like this and let my friends know about me regularly. I didn't knew then that I am not that interesting to be checked everyday on a site. :-) I created my blog in that vacation itself. On 31st July, 2009, I had my own blog page where I posted a very stupid post just to check how do my name looks on Internet. After that I started writing Blogs regularly and in few months, it turned into passion. Now, blog became something for which I stopped sleeping on time, stopped watching television and even stopped chatting with those girls whose online presence caused sensation to me. With time, my writings started improving and I started getting confidence of speaking up in public. I started getting new thoughts as I gave an area where I would be putting all my thoughts and ideas. The journey began and it is endless today. Today, Blogging is the identity to me. People only converse about blog and writing to me. They are not interested about my academics, looks, clothes, hairstyles and anything, but they are interested in knowing the next topic I am going to write on. 

               So, this is how Amitabh Bachchan accidentally created a Blogger. I don't know whether I am capable of being called good or best or with any complimenting words but I can surely be called a Blogger with immense passion to write. This is how, Amitabh Bachchan has created many actors in industry. Many youth saw him kicking villains, romancing divas, respecting elders and saving an elder's and good person's life on big screen and they migrated to Mumbai to do what Bachchan did. Many failed while many succeeded. Amitabh Bachchan's talent is endless. You start talking about him and you will never stop again. Amitabh Bachchan acts well, sings well, writes well, talks well, behaves well, respects well etc etc etc. Amitabh Bachchan promised his fans that he will meet them everyday on his Blog and since August, 2008, he has never missed a single day when he hasn't posted a blog. He came on Twitter on 18th May, 2010 and since then, he has tweeted everyday. He is available on Video Blog too. After Coolie's attack, when he saw the love of people towards him, he decided to meet them and give the love back. Since 1982, he has never missed a single Sunday when he hasn't come out of his house- Prateeksha in Mumbai and waved his fans. This teaches us to be punctual and above it, being Honest to ourselves. Even I thought like him and took an oath in October 2009 that I will write a Blog post daily, that month I wrote 34 posts but after that what happened is visible to all. :( 

               This is my 470th Blog Post and fortunately, even Amitabh Bachchan steps into 70th year of his life. I pray for him that he lives a long life from here and keep teaching us many small aspects of life which plays the most essential part in our daily routine. It would be a moment of pride for me if I would be working in 69th year of my life. Mr. Bachchan, keep on doing KBC till your body allows you because we love watching you everyday on our TV Screen. :-) 

               Wishing Amitabh Bachchan a very very Happy Birthday. May you live longer and keep teaching aimless kids like me the value of being honest, punctual and DIVINE.

               Thanks. In the end, I would also like to give my sad condolences to the Ghazal King of the world- Jagjit Singh. I almost play Koi Fariyaad, Hosh waalon ko khabar kya, Kahin Door Jab Din dhal jaaye, Chitthi na koi sandesh and many more songs of him every week. His songs already used to make me cry and now when he is no more between us, it makes me more sorrowful remembering him and his live concerts. We also lost Steve Jobs some days back, one of the finest innovator and visionary we had. My piece of heart goes to him too. May their Soul Rest In Peace. 


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Marinela said...

Great read...you have nice page!

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks a lot. :-)

rAHUL tIWARI said...

Veeru bhai you also created a Blogger by nonknowing incidents..though this one is quite lazy just 3 foolish posts in more than 30 days...well afer staring it confidence again generated...hope my bed fingers will do some good work, Thanx for the bloG

rAHUL tIWARI said...

Aila cmnt ka approval bhi hona mangta

hamaarethoughts.com said...

nice write up...
Love the whole post!
he is great actor of all times.. proved his excellence ..with age..NO BAR

Kul Bhushan Garg said...

well written ,congrats for achieving the status of a good blogger.Pls keep up the tempo and continue with the same zeal and enthusiasm .My best wishes ..!!

Anonymous said...

Anything we write about Big B it always little.
Well written.

And bealted happy birthday.

I missed it.

Writing Buddha said...

Hey Rahul, just believe in yourself and keep writing. It is not necessary to write every day. but its necessary to work upon it if u want to be a writer. But if u have opened the blog for timepass, then its Ok. U shouldnt give much time to it and u sud devote all to your studies or any other thing u want to do.

Writing Buddha said...

Yes Harman mam, he is the best actor and the best human being too.

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