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Past, Present, and Future of the Book Blogging (Guest Post by Aakanksha Jain)

 1891st BLOG POST


Blogging has become a new interest of many people nowadays, either to make money or as just a hobby people have turned towards blogging. You get numerous results popping up on searching for any topic, but blogging will be your cup of tea only when you choose the topics that you love and enjoy writing on them. It is not how much knowledge you have on the topic, but how much research you are willing to do.


In this pandemic, there is a visible surge in blogging. With the surplus amount of time given, many individuals have taken up online to record their views and points on various topics through blogs and vlogs. Though there is a sudden rise number of blogs every day, blogging is not something that started along with the pandemic and something that would vanish when it is gone. Coming to book blogging, like any other niche, this is a vast area where one can explore and create content every day.


The bibliophiles who have the constant need to discuss their views on the books they have read, hated, or enjoyed; they see book blogging as a window to reach out the fellow book nerds and the pandemic has only seen a rise in book readers who turn to the blogs to get suggestions and reviews on the books. Now, having the present time ideal for readers, how does the past, present, and future of the book blogging look like? Let’s see further in the article.


Book Blogging the past history:


Blogging, in general, was more like an online diary that people predominantly kept private and didn’t care to reach the SERPs of the Google results or to get likes and comments on the articles you post. 


Talking about the book blogging precisely, there was very few people who had the vision of making money out of it, most of the blogs were started to just create a community of book lovers and share their views among them. There were not so many blogs as they are now. So, in the past just having a book blog was enough and there was not much need to market it on other platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook for that matter.


Book blogging as any other means have seen evolution and growth in the past decade, with the increased use of the internet, book blogging has also found its way to reach readers and bloggers.



Book Blogging, in the present:


Now, blogging has seen improvements both technically and personally in the minds of people. Blogs are now doing the job of magazines, from giving information on what is the trend to giving reviews, one can get any news from the blogs that are posted every minute.


Book blogging now needs more than just reviews and book recommendations. Bloggers should develop content that is unique and attractive that is more than just reviewing the book.


They should extend themselves to other social media like creating a book-tube, or a bookstagram, or starting a new Twitter account related to books.

It is important to work on placing your blogs on the front page of the search results and market it properly. Many online sellers have started to reach out to bloggers to do collaborations that are benefiting both parties, to reach that point you need to build a credible blog with quality content that is marketed properly.


In, the present book blogging is really a dominant niche that can gain more traffic if handled properly.


Book Blogging in the future:


The future of book blogging is bright, it is going to be a stable business for quite some time in the future if you maintain your quality and consistency.


The problem with maintaining a book blog is that you tend to lose interest in the initial times when you don’t make much money but once you have survived that phase and stood your ground there is no one to stop you.


But, if you are planning on starting your book blog don’t wait for a good time, do it this month, this week, today, do it right now, because the number of blogs and bloggers are only going to increase in the future. So, it is better to be never late.


The future of book blogging is going towards co-blogging since it is not going to stop with just blogging, you have to find your ways to create new contents, organize events related to your blog views, reply to your DMs and comments, it is going to be a whole lot of work which can be managed more easily by co-blogging.


Books are beautiful magic weaved on paper, and if you love them you are special. When you plan on creating a book blog, make sure you give the facts and content that are original. Writing is one art that has survived forever, now it has adapted to the modern form and you call it blogging. Once a new technology is found then there is no going back, rocks were taken over by ink quills, the paper took over ink quills, and now digital writing is taking over the paper, and it is going to stay for a while here.

Author bio - Aakanksha Jain is a book blogger and an author of non-fiction book, How to Become an Amazon Influencer. Her blog Books Charming is one of the top book blogs in India. You can connect with her through –

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