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Main Aryaputra Hoon by Manoj Singh (Hindi Book Review: 4.25*/5) !!!

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I generally don’t read Hindi books because it takes me a little longer to finish it. I am a very impatient reader and just can’t see myself stuck with one book for a longer time. Haha! But because I had read one of the books written by Manoj Singh earlier named “Vaidik Sanathan Hindutva”, I thought of picking up another book written by him with a more interesting title and cover page named “Main Aryaputra Hoon”. As I have recently started reading a little more about my religion and culture, I prefer reading Manoj Singh because his contents on this topic are excellent with great insights.


Main Aryaputra Hoon can be said to be his best book till now due to its great content and the way he has handled the topic. There are many questions about who the Aryans were and what is their history. There are also many myths related with it which has almost become the true version of the story. Many of us tend to believe that they came from outside and were not primarily from our land. All these myths about Aryans is busted in this book very beautifully. Also, author has tried to take us to our ancient times and made us understand how Aryans are present since the stone age and were even the first civilization of the world. There are many such facts about Aryans which are eye-opening and insightful.


Author has chosen a concept like Bhagwad Gita where there are two characters where one seeks answers whereas another one is trying to help her with the facts, realities and answers. I liked this structure a lot as it helps you understand the context of the long explanations and sometimes there is co-incidence when the question asked is something you were also thinking at the same time. Author’s research is very well evident in each and every page. Author doesn’t skip any aspect of this topic and goes deeper into it with each chapter. I am glad that the chapters are small which makes it easy for you to read topic by topic without having to get confused with the length and seriousness of the book.


Author has regularly given references of our ancient texts such as Purans, Upanishads, Vedas, Geeta and what not which is again a good practise when you write on such topics as you get compilation from all these great books in one book itself as a reader. It is not easy for every person to go through all these texts hence the effort from the author does wonders for people who aspire to have knowledge from all these books on a specific topic. Author has also emphasized on the fact that the book is not a work of fiction but whatever spoken is a matter of fact which tells about his belief in his work. This 300+ pages book is a very difficult job to execute which I feel author has managed very vividly.


Talking about the drawbacks – there aren’t many of them but still there are few points I would like to mention. One, I feel author becomes too critical of people who speaks against the concepts he believes in. This is something I had noticed in the “Vaidik Sanathan Hindutva” and have noticed in this book also. Such great and beautiful topics should only spread positivity through the book. Secondly, few paragraphs that author writes continues for more than a page which makes it visually difficult for the readers to follow and understand the context. Author should work upon writing small paragraphs. Lastly, author’s command on Hindi language is remarkable. I have learnt many new good Hindi words and I must appreciate author for the same. But if author’s agenda is to ensure that his message and information about our culture reaches to as many people as possible, he should tone down his language a bit.


Overall, this is a very informative book which you would love reading and sharing the knowledge with your family and friends. I give this 4.25* out of 5.






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