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The Best Friend by Akash Verma (Book Review: 3.25*/5) !!!

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Akash Verma has been in the literary space since last 10 years. Out of the 5 books that he has written till date, I had read the 2 of them long back and really liked his writing skills. This made me purchase another book written by him in the Amazon e-book sales named “The Best Friend” which I have ended up reading within a day. The 184-pages book is the first by the author which has been published in the Kindle edition only. The book is based on a thriller concept which involves the story of two friends – Nakul and Samir – a secret that binds them together and changes their lives forever – and then a Murder which brings them back together after 30 years.

The plot chosen by the author is a great premise on which a promising thriller can be designed. Akash does the same but rather than keeping the book purely on an investigation-based format, he is keener to tell us the story in his own old ways than keeping the book focused on the murder and bringing with it- multiple twists and turns. Author takes the two timelines – the childhood of both the main characters and their present life after 30 years simultaneously. It becomes confusing initially but later on, you start enjoying both the plots. The real aggravation to the plot of the story begins with the introduction of the character- Sandhya. The way she has been handled gives a boom to the story that was needed as it becomes boring after sometime knowing about the regular life of Nakul and his daughter- Anna.


Author talks about many factors in this book which needs to be understood between the lines. How the psychic of a child gets affected for life with just one event of bullying in school that it never leaves him/her even after they are in their adulthood. Author has portrayed this very well through the story which is a very critical topic that needs to be spoken about. Akash also concentrates upon how friendship is a two-way handshake and one shouldn’t end up stooping down for a one-sided friendship - rather move on.


Verma also tries to establish the lifestyle of a single father and how parenting becomes difficult without the support of both the partners. How a married woman has to suffer for her husband’s past is also conveyed very appropriately which is what gives this book a high point at many junctions. Author has spoken in different voices throughout the story which makes it easy for us to understand the perspective of everyone. It has also made the story exciting along with making us realize how each and every character is flawed but yet genuine.


Now talking about the drawbacks of the book – I felt that the childhood part becomes very boring after a while due to the same thing happening in every chapter – Samir trying to get closer to Nakul whereas Nakul using him only for his selfish means. Also, why Nakul does so is never explained. Secondly, I felt that the relationship between Nakul and his daughter Anna could have been written with little more charm where there are jokes and friendly bonding between the two but what father actually feels when the child talks immaturely isn’t described in the way I was expecting.


Thirdly, the author couldn’t create the thrilling moments whenever he reveals any secret or brings some twist and turns. It has been done quite plainly. Similar goes for pre-climax when the truth is out. As a story, this book does fine and makes you smile and even feel lump in your throat but as a thriller, it couldn’t achieve the jackpot that it should have with the kind of plot it was based upon. I give this book 3.25* out of 5.






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