15 June 2020 | By: Writing Buddha

Sushant Singh Rajput:- You may not be RIGHT but You are not WRONG...

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On 14th June, 2020, I was sleeping in my bedroom because I was feeling low. After getting up, I scrolled through my Mobile’s notifications and read about the demise of Sushant Singh Rajput. I could not believe it at all as he was one of the leading actors in the new generation of Bollywood and everyone knew that he is going to be one among the Top List after a decade or so. It made me suddenly cry as I could not decipher anything out of it and felt as if I have died and I am reading people write good things about me. People use the word “coward” for those who die by suicide but have they ever thought why do they have to take such extreme step? What goes on with their mind and heart that compels them to not think about anything else and take that step which shall end everything?

The people who leave us like this couldn’t think about their parents, siblings, spouse, children, friends, colleagues etc. because they become so weak that they are not even able to think about themselves. They get lost in a world where they are unable to even identify themselves and forget what they are meant for and what they wanted to do in life. For them, life means only death now. And death looks and sounds more promising and peaceful than life. Every person is built with some kind of strength unit or say, a person has made him/herself strong only up to that unit. Once the measurement surpasses that mark, a person howsoever strong, positive, successful or brave he or she was, starts reacting to things negatively – either some of them start behaving aggressively and spoil their relationships with the way they behave in public whereas few people tend to get quiet and isolated.

As soon as someone gets quiet, people around him/her should be identifying this and give the strength this person is missing. Your few words might make the person see things that are disturbing him/her in a different light. May be this person who was not wanting to face something in near future or didn’t know how to deal with it starts taking it as an opportunity to test him/herself and become stronger than before. But it all depends if someone around them who is stronger identifies this person’s behaviour at the right time when he starts going into recluse. But it is all about if we have such selfless and patient people around us in this time of competition and almost negligible attention span. How long can someone entertain this person who has lost all his strength and talks only the negative side of life? How long can someone contain their irritation of daily going through this cycle of depressed talks from the other side and then giving sweet talks controlling his/her frustration?

And this is what a person in depression thinks – he feels that there is no-one who would be able to hold him for a long time as they realize that they will take a lot of time to get better and stronger. And that is what triggers them to happily leave this world as it is by just subtracting themselves who might create more problems for his loved-ones if he goes on living. The loved-ones always feel that they would have supported the person who has gone but it’s a harsh reality that very rarely such people get continuous support from family. Even family starts raising expectation after sometime and blames on this person directly/indirectly for any failure that happens in the family. All I can say is that sometimes Death looks better than Life and if not treated at times, such people always have courage to go towards Death than having the same courage to deal with situations going in their external life or within themselves.

I am someone who often gets depressed even when there’s no stress or pain-point in life and therefore I understand such people who find this way more pleasing than usual way. But then who are left behind are no one to judge such people. We can only feel for them and we shouldn’t call them names. At least not COWARDS or LOSERS. They were better than many and could have been better than many others also. May be even we aren’t at a level where the person was when he gives away his life. As in case of Sushant- majority of us don’t have the kind of success, money, fame, talent, skill and knowledge that he had. So, calling him anything shall only make us look smaller. We should try understanding why someone at that level will do THIS. And if we understand that, we understand LIFE and DEATH and the cycle of it. That either makes us Spiritual or Practical- but it makes us something that helps us in dealing with ourselves and others who are weaker than us emotionally. So, it’s better to understand Sushant and various others who have left us or are going through the same rather than calling Names and leaving all the vulnerable souls to heal or die by themselves.

Sushant, you may not be right but definitely, you are not wrong. I understand you.


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