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"Satya : Tumhara saath hi shashvath hai” by Satyendra Singh “Apurna (Book Review: 3*/5) !!!

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It is not every day that I pick up a Hindi book for my reading time but when I do, I ensure that the language of the book makes me feel mesmerized and fall in love with my mother tongue more. My Hindi is good but the slightly difficult vocabulary that I get to experience in Hindi fictional books is what I love rejoicing as it helps me develop my language further. This time I picked up the book named “Satya : ...Tumhara saath hi shashvath hai” written by Satyendra Singh “Apurna”. I read the e-book format of the same on Amazon Kindle which was around 250 pages and took me 10 hours to complete due to my less experience with reading Hindi books. 


The book is basically a love story between the two characters- Satya and Shobha based in the times of 1999 and 2000. The millennials might find the movement in the love story quite slow but as I have seen the love blooming in those phase, I can understand the old school format in which the book has been written. The narration of the book is nice as you shall feel that it is being spoken by the characters themselves even when the same is written in 3rd voice. The characterizations are done very neatly in the book which makes you understand the mental state of both the main protagonists of the book and also of the other characters who are involved in the story either as Satya’s or Shobha’s acquaintances.


The 1st half of the book is bit slow and I really enjoyed the book when it went into its 2nd half as it is when certain other layers of the story starts to get revealed and you understand the background and other struggles of the characters too. The values that both the characters possess makes them come together and fall apart several times but when they get to know each other’s condition it is then that they realize the power the other character had been displaying all these days.


There are several poems in the book as the character of Satya is someone who loves writing as per his situations which is also something that you shall cherish while reading. Similarly, another thing that I would like to appreciate author for is to exclude any kind of vulgar scene in the book just for adding intimacy. Author has written this book based on pure love and feelings without getting into any cheap thrills to sell it.


Now talking about the few drawbacks:- As I have already mentioned, I felt that the book is quite slow in the 1st half and even in 2nd half too- Author could have easily made this book 50-60 pages less by keeping the story crisp. Secondly, I felt that many segments sound repetitive as regularly, the characters keep on calling each other or meeting below the hostel or library – author could have made these segments sound unique and new by varying the locations and conversations. Lastly, I felt that author didn’t do justice with many of the characters who are spoken in the book such as Pooja- the lost love of Satya- there is no mention about that story at all. Similarly, other one or two characters disappear all of a sudden and are not mentioned later on.


Overall, if you love reading school/college romance and also want to try to read a book in Hindi, this book shall surely help you go through. I give this book 3 stars out of 5.

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