11 September 2019 | By: Writing Buddha

The Mistake by Bishwanath Singh (Book Preview) !!!

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After reading two books back to back on Cricket, it was time to pick up something else other than the intense stories that I read which made me pick up the book by the debutante author, Bishwanath Singh, named “The Mistake”. The book has a tagline “a true love story” and is published by Notion Press in around 140 pages. So, this time I won’t be reviewing this book but just be telling you about the book what it is actually based on. Reading the book, I got the feeling that this is quite an autobiographical account of the author himself and you can feel it in few sentences the way they are written. You can understand that author is talking about himself.

If you have been into the college and enjoyed your days by bunking classes, being ragged and then ragged your juniors, got punished for multiple things, dreamed about getting into relationship with a beautiful girl, did everything for friendship you could have done etc. then this book is going to be a nostalgic experience for you.

Author talks about the college life of the protagonist and the wish with which he comes to the college and how he falls in love with a girl- also keeps telling her about his feelings but she never reacts positively. And then there comes a time when having her in his life becomes an impossibility and what happens when they meet each other again after some time. The book also discusses in detail the fun and enjoyment the protagonist does with his friends and how they do things and fall into trouble for no reason at all.

This is a light-read which you can read between heavy books or when you want just casual reading. I completed this book within 2.5 hours. This book is like one of those novels which got published between 2008-2015 where most of them were based on college life, friends, boyfriend-girlfriend relationship etc. I am not saying if the book is good or bad, I wish to know your views this time. Hence, please buy this book, read it and let me know if you feel the author is better version of Chetan Bhagat or not as the book written falls in the same genre. 😊



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