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Infin-eight by Prajeet Budhale (Book Review: 4*/5) !!!

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As I have always said, I love reading non-fiction books and generally during weekends, reading non-fiction is a different game al-together as I get proper place in my bedroom to concentrate on the mentioned points and make great notes of the same to be referred all lifelong even after finishing the book. This weekend, I picked up the book named “Infin-eight” written by Prajeet Budhale. This book is published by Fingerprint Publication in around 225 pages and also has a tagline which says, “Eight principles for infinite professional success”. The red cover page of the book with no overwhelming design gives this book a fresh and sincere look which makes you pick it up and give it a try.

The book discusses about eight principles which can give you INFINITE success in your professional world and career. The non-fiction in self-help genre generally speaks on overall behavioural transformation which helps you basically with your personal life only, but this book is focused on making your professional life brighter with each passing day. The way author has divided chapters where each one of them talks specifically about a principle gives you ample amount of time to concentrate upon the same and follow it. With each chapter, you can feel that the book is going to a different level and you shall also have to up your concentration to receive the bigger message with each chapter.

When I started reading the 1st chapter and found that there are sections in between which is asking few questions and also has left out spaces for us to scribble our answers, I thought this is just another book which is trying to be interactive with its mediocre messages but when I witnessed how author makes us revisit our answers, learn and evaluate ourselves through them and rewrite them if possible, It actually takes you into a brainstorming session where you are talking and arguing about yourself with yourself for yourself. Such an incredible way of teaching us basic things which we miss out in our daily life due to the illusion we create that things are stressful and end up staying the same.

The diagrammatical representation made after each chapter to make us understand where the principle lies against us is very useful and that one image itself gives us the clarity on how we need to process ourselves further for the progress of our career. I shall not reveal the principles but just giving an overview, I would say author helps us understand who we are, what our potentials are and what is the natural skill/talent we have. Then author structures on how we can develop with the help of setting our goal and then being able to get close to it through different methodologies like building great relationships and how we can convert best of them into interdependent partnerships etc. In the last segment, author also tells how we should be tracking our progress and keep an open and positive mind towards the daily situation that is thrown upon us by life.

Overall, this is a to-the-point book. Talking about few drawbacks, I would say that there should have been more examples with each chapter as it would have made it more pleasurable for readers to go ahead with chapters along with case studies and examples. Author could have also highlighted the main quotes from the book which we can just go-through while re-reading this book in order to refresh the important points of each chapter. Except these few observations, this is definitely a book which you would not just read and keep aside after achieving temporary motivation but go through its exercises regularly to experience its impact in your professional life regularly. I give this attempt 4 stars out of 5.



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