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Your Destination Has Arrived by Barry Cheema (Book Review: 4.75*/5) !!!

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There are few books which doesn’t seem to be extra-ordinary with their content in the blurb etc. but the moment you start reading the story, after a point of time, one of their sentences strikes you so hard that you start reading each word with startled eyes and surprised face and when the book really starts unfolding to you, you gradually realize that your life is getting transformed. Similar experience happened with me when I read the book named “Your Destination Has Arrived” written by, surprisingly, the first-time author- Barry Cheema. The book is published by Notion Press and has around 375 pages.

When I generally see any book crossing the mark of 250-pages, I term them a stretcher in the beginning itself and the book should really hook me up with its content to ensure the word doesn’t find the place in my review. Fortunately, this book isn’t one at all though I have found some people calling it so. Barry has used a very great story and theme to tell the technique to experience the peace in life which every human being quests at some or the other time in their life. This makes this book a very purposeful material which shall benefit you only when you are in the state of mind to take all the intelligence, philosophies, techniques, quotes, learnings, lessons, examples etc. which is delivered mostly in the 2nd half of the book otherwise you shall call it just a “stretcher” and put it aside.

If you have ever wanted to understand and know about spirituality, meditation, yoga and the way it should be begun and followed religiously but in not so serious manner, this is the book to go for because the way author has fictionalized the whole thing for the readers is something very commendable and inspiring. The characterizations used for the same in the form of Hassan or Bruno who is a dog but given the life of a human being which shall be taken away if it doesn’t find the PURPOSE OF LIFE within a limited timeframe and the way the struggle takes place in the 1st half to achieve the same and then the way it is being delivered in the 2nd half, I wouldn’t comment about the character but I really got answers for many questions (about life) I had or didn’t have. This book worked like a self-awakening through its other characters of Pinky Singh, Kumar, Sachi etc. as author has included all of them- the one who follows the spiritual techniques religiously whereas the another who follows but keeps questioning the silly practices he has to go through.

This book is a great example on how spiritual lessons can be delivered in the form of fiction along with meditational techniques. I have myself undergone meditational course hence the initial concept on Explosive meditation was something new to me. The other important chapters such as of Passive meditation, Karma, The Purpose of life, the science behind meditation etc. are very eventful and exploring. I liked the balancing of both- the story of an antagonist and the philosophy throughout the book and I must say, the book is also very high on emotions as there are events when you shall smile, laugh and even have tears in your eyes. Also, every time I came upon the descriptive understanding provided by the character about any question on life, I would find myself in a very emotional state as there were certain areas getting revealed to me about my own life which made me feel weak at times.

Talking about the climax of the story, it is so wonderfully executed without making it too high-on-imagination or overwhelming that you don’t even consider it in a book of such kind which has more substance in a philosophical way. It is something that makes you believe in this whole story and want to live it yourself completely without eliminating any part of it.

Overall, this is one of the books that goes into the rare list of the books that have managed to change my life. I would give it nothing less than 4.75* out of 5. Highly recommended to everyone belonging to any age-group.



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