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Dark Destiny by Kamal Kant (Book Review: 3.5*/5) !!!

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There is one thing I have observed with my readathon that whenever I have picked up a book with yellow cover page, it has rarely disappointed me. This time it has been the book named “Dark Destiny” written by the debutante author, Kamal Kant. The book is published by Rupa Publications and is around 246 pages. This is one of the few books which I have ended up reading at different places while traveling, roaming and at home hence it seems that with the accelerating pace of the book, even I lived many lives with it.

The story is written in a very thrilling behaviour right from its first 15 pages itself and doesn’t keep your mind silent until the book completely gets over. The narrative of the book is very fast-paced with lots of characters here and there. In the beginning, getting in terms with the narration becomes little difficult along with memorizing the name of the characters, because the timeline keeps shuffling in the flashback and the current day. With the shuffling, the characters keep on getting appearing and disappearing which makes it very tough but later on in the story, when you are aware about the whole history and the present day of the protagonist- Aditya Malhotra, keeping in tap with the narration and characters become easy and entertaining.

I can easily divide the book in 3 equal parts and can say that the first and the last part were great which keeps you entertained with their actions and descriptions but it is only in the middle of the story where it provides little boredom to you as many characters are planning too much but executing too little. All the love angles are very beautifully portrayed but showing all the female characters as victims becomes too much after a point. I must say that author’s way of reaching the reader’s heart is immensely powerful as the way action-packed and fighting scenes are described actually makes it possible for you to imagine them in a very big scale.

Talking about the anti-climax and the climax, it becomes little disappointing with the way that the character for which protagonist takes so many risks doesn’t end up with the chemistry it was expected. Though the revelations in the end are great but seeing the simple protagonist do such Bollywood Hero-kind of stuff becomes unbelievable after a point of time.

Speaking about the book overall, it is a fine attempt in this genre and I shall give it 3.5 stars out of 5. As a debutante, this is a super creation and I am looking forward to read many more work from Kamal Kant.



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