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Touch The Sky by Rashmi Bansal (Book Review: 3.75*/5) !!!

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Rashmi Bansal is one author whom I have followed devotedly in the last decade. She knows exactly what it needs to motivate people through words and she has been doing this continuously. The best part about the authoress is that she does not repeat herself with the same kind of stories in each book but tries to share different dimensions of human spirit every time she comes with a new book. This time I have read one of her latest books named “Touch The Sky” which is about different women in India who did not get demotivated and depressed with what people said to and about them but did something which became an example for all the other ladies around them to follow and become a leader.

In a country like India where women have been dominated since thousand of years, it’s very necessary to uplift them with such motivating stories where common and next-door women and girls have done something which is termed as impossible for the girls in our country. Rashmi Bansal ensures that she shares such unique stories and present them in her own way with a wonderful way of narration which makes even the non-fictional attempt sound like fiction. The stories has been divided into the three segments: Ziddi, Besharam and Bindaas. The Ziddi section discusses how the women/girls are adamant about getting things done what they have perceived in their mind. The Besharam section discusses about the girls doing things which are considered as taboo in the society and did not shy away with what society thought of them. And the last section, Bindaas discusses about simple real stories where the women did things freely without thinking about what is right or wrong, they just did what they thought of doing.

Rashmi Bansal has given quite Indian touch to all the stories to make it sound like something happening just around you. Talking about the drawbacks of the book I felt that Rashmi did not elaborate the whole process of transformation of these stories in her trademark style but kept it very short and simple. The stories seem like newspaper articles as they are finished as soon as they start. There is too much usage of local languages too with no translation in English. Except that this book is very inspiring and motivational which should be read by girls who are low in confidence and belief. I give this book 3.75* out of 5. This is a light read which can be finished in a single sitting or while traveling.



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