30 July 2018 | By: Writing Buddha

9th Anniversary of Blogging!!!

When did I ever realize that something I started like a time pass will become almost my hobby and then kind of a passion and second income and will continue to stay with me for next 9 years? This Blog has completed its 9 years today and I feel very happy letting the world know that it is the reason of why I find myself peaceful, content and full of life most of the times. Writing always serves as a stress buster to me and irrespective of having such a stressful job profile, if I ever find myself in peace, it is because I have met with myself and my inner self through this blog by either writing a new post or reading one of the old posts written by me years back. It helps me understand who I actually am and how I have evolved as a better human being in all these years.

Blogging has become a very casual term these days where anyone starts writing and describes it as if they are sending SMSes to one of their friends. Blogging has never been just another thing for me. Throughout the day, there are many moments where I only think about how to take my blog up to the next level and keep planning about it. Every time I am about to post a personal stuff out here, I give my whole existence to this medium and leave nothing behind up to myself. My friends who know me often ask me how do I not feel fearful in writing about some really personal experiences here without feeling any kind of anxiety or nervousness about it. I always believe that anyone who drops by is actually interested in reading and knowing me and wants to get into the interaction mode rather than wasting time on an ordinary person like me.

Each time, I review a book or a movie, my intentions are to ensure that my readers and friends who read my stuffs regularly get to know which are the good things they should invest their time in rather than ending up reading or watching something that is of no use to them as an audience. People say that I review to increase my Blog counts but tell me really, what will I get by doing this? Appreciation of some three to four people about the count of my blog posts? Right? Nothing beyond this! I write only when I feel like writing and that is why I do not write as regularly as before because now I do not like writing just for the sake of being there on the portal but ensure that each post should have a meaning and message otherwise it’s better being away from the medium. No one should ever take their readers casually because it really takes time to follow some one person and continuing with his work for a long time.

Nine years have passed with almost 1700 Blog Posts here with several other articles and reviews on other platforms and it’s exciting how I have been able to write so much irrespective of many hurdles that came in between. This year I changed the domain name from “bloggerabhilash.info” to “WritingBuddha.com”. This was done with full awareness to ensure that the blog reaches to most of the people out there because having my name in the domain was restricting it to the users who actually knew me personally or were following the blog from a long time back. Since the change of domain name, there are new people who are joining this space on daily basis and I have started getting some messages from the new people which delights me more than anything else.

I am pretty sure that this Blog will stay here until and unless my heart is beating. I do not find my survival without the blog playing a huge part in my life. It has become the spiritual connection not only in terms of the medium but with all those people who connect with me through my blogs. They understand me so well and in return, I get to know them and their stories which widens my perspective towards life. What more could you ask from anything if it is already giving you new relationships in life? I thank everyone who have stayed by since last 9 years and also to each one of you who read it whenever your busy schedule allows you. Special thanks to people who message and mail me personally after reading any Blog Post.

Thanks and my love to each one of you!

Abhilash Ruhela!!!

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