14 May 2017 | By: Writing Buddha

The Boy From Pataliputra by Rahul Mitra (Book Review- 4.5*/5) !!!

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Not every 350+ pages book can be completed within 2 sittings. The book needs to be intriguing for a reader which compels him to leave everything else and keep himself engrossed in the book. And it becomes more difficult to keep the reader glued when it’s weekend. Rahul Mitra’s book named “The Boy From Pataliputra” manages to create this magic with its super-effective translation of history from a different perspective altogether. The way book has been written for the popular masses even though the whole periodic narration could have been tougher is commendable. The book can be read by any age group. It’s captivating and engrossing.

The book is about the protagonist Aditya who is kind of notorious boy because of which his elder brother Ajeet keeps on complaining. Still he loves Aditya more than anything else. Due to some political conspiracy, Ajeet gets killed by a group of people. Now Aditya wants to take revenge of his brother. But before even starting for it, he is termed criminal. He is been given in hands of Pandi who trains him overall- physically and mentally. And from here onwards, there are several twists and turns because of which there are many difficult decisions that Aditya has to make. Also, the whole war scenarios and political churn out is very well detailed. 

The pre-climax and climax section wins your heart after reading such a long story. The characterization of all the characters is very well created with good back stories and present condition. The integration of the battle in 326 BC with the contemporary settling of Indian political condition is commendable. You can imagine present day personalities in the characters discussed in the story. All the parameters that a reader needs in a book is very nicely imbibed in this book by Rahul- comedy, tragedy, romance, thrill, suspense, war, love, betrayal, twists, turns etc. Overall, this book is one of the best releases this year. Kudos to Fingerprint publication too. I rate this book 4.5* out of 5.



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