5 May 2017 | By: Writing Buddha

Demystifying Reincarnation by Chaitanya Charan (Book Review- 4.5*/5) !!!

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It’s not always that you can freely recommend a book that is based upon spirituality or the world that is not so common among the majority to others. But as it is said that when there’s no great example to give, create one. It is in this line that the book written by Chaitanya Charan named “Demystifying Reincarnation” falls. How many of us consider reincarnation a possibility or a sensible stuff? None of us. But what will you do when a 240-pages book is only giving you real and true accounts of the cases and proving the point that reincarnation is a common phenomenon? We can only accept the truth silently. That’s what this book has been able to do with the readers who could not have ever believed that they will start believing in something like reincarnation and ghosts at the end of it.

The book starts with narrating different true incidents along with its sources to introduce us with the real examples around us where the individual claims to have a previous birth. Post narration of the incidents, author starts the debate if in any ways it can be proved that the stories are false. And then the way each and every point is put, discussed, debated and concluded, only makes you fall in love with each and every page of this book.

Later on, author discusses different scenarios like Near Death experiences, hallucination etc. to prove more points about how these things are also related with the reincarnation. The references of the Bhagavad Gita are made very aptly to make us believe in the concepts that the author discusses. Author has also quoted the Holy books of the religion other than Hinduism to let the reader know that almost all the religion endorses reincarnation either directly or indirectly. The diagrammatic representation to explain few complex theories regarding the soul, mind and body makes it very easy for the reader to interpret the virtual structure within us. 

In the end, the way ghosts are discussed is surely the best ending that this book could have ever had. Talking about any kind of drawbacks, I just didn’t enjoy Appendixes as it all went above my mediocre brain. Haha! Overall, this book is something you shouldn’t miss if you have always been skeptical about the concept of reincarnation and previous births. I give this book 4.5* out of 5. 



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