3 June 2016 | By: Writing Buddha

Some words for the 10th and 12th pass-outs!!!

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          So a struggling phase for few students around us have begun after the results of 10th and 12th std have been announced. Everyday while returning back from office, I hear someone or the other talking either about some college or what course is in demand these days. I feel pity for these students who have to take admission in a course which they know nothing about but just because every 1 out of 3 students are doing it. Well, it definitely sounds easy to do that particular course because of the numerous references that you might get in the next 3 years but remember, saturation in supply and demand ratio occurs first in these courses only. You consider Information Technology, Hotel Management or MBA in HR, you will find it hard to get a job even if you give an offer of working without any pay just for an experience letter. This is because once upon a time every 1 student out of 3 took admission in this seeing which herds followed and ended up being jobless by the time they passed out because of aggressive competition.

          By failing 11th twice and then somehow passing 12th - Doing Graduation from a well-known college and finding a seat in a college of my choice in Post Graduation - To passing successfully with an extra certification and fetching a job as soon as I was out of college- I have become that "bhaiyya" figure to whom kids from society reach out whenever something related to education has to be figured out. Haha! I know I am the least qualified person to advise them upon anything but for them, my path has been what they feel is a bed of roses. I just do not feel like leaving anybody clueless so I end up advising them the same. Parents are the most beautiful people you'll ever meet on this planet but unfortunately, their concern for our safety and future sometimes become a reason for our failure in future. 

          If you don't wish to study something and then do that particular job for rest of your life, just say a blunt NO to your parents and let them know what your interest is. Marks are already out so you do not have much choices now. According to what cut-offs and possibilities remain, select the most interested course that you find among them and go for it. Without thinking twice. The moment you start analyzing your choice and them reassuring it with people around you including elders and even your friends, you get thrown in the spot where there's only one way to go which you never want to. Remember all those moments when you didn't listen to anyone and did what you wanted to. Yes, it was messy in the beginning but didn't that become another name of habit in your life? Didn't it become that easy? This is the most important period of your life when you have to again listen to your self rather than asking 100s of bhaiyyas like me around you. :-)

         Even when you are going with your interest, ask experts about the future scope and what other possibilities you might explore as an alternative income with it. Inquire as much as possible about this particular course that you have finally decided to do by your choice rather than inquiring about what exactly has to be done and from which college. Let me tell you that people throw the scary disclaimers upon you that college matters, university matters, city matters etc. Nothing matters these days. Not all companies are choosing for that perfect candidate who have never failed in life and kept on scoring 60% each time he went to write an exam. There are 98% of companies in the market which is only looking out for person who shows confidence in the interview with his knowledge and determination to give best in his work. I have attempted 11th std twice and failed both the times after which I did 12th externally. I gave 3 interviews and in none of them I was asked about an year gap or my low performance in Junior college. Interviewers were only interested in exploring how much I know about my field and how determined I am to work in 9-to-6 schedule. 

         And college is the time when you can always try as much as you want. You can always explore different capabilities of yours. I started Blogging just 3 days before my graduation begun and see how many opportunities I have got in life which not many gets. You can also explore different activities, job etc and find another interest of yours by the time the boring graduation gets completed. Life is always unpredictable so do not think much about where you would be after 10 years. Just think about now at the moment and you always have chance to improve your future. Even at the age of 50. You are just 15 and 17, guys. Just chill! This is the perfect time to apply the most cheesy quote which has gone and sat in the most accessible part of your brain- BE YOURSELF! Haha!



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