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Review: Housefull 3: Another Bollywood comedy movie making fun of itself!!! 0

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         The 3rd installment of Housefull 3 is directed by Sajid-Farhad who didn't direct the last two series but he was certainly the writer of them. Hence, when his name as director got announced with this movie, there was certainly big expectations as some change was expected. But unfortunately, this movie has turned out to be another disaster irrespective of whatever it would earn in coming days. The plot is about a father who is not interested in marrying his 3 daughters for some secret reasons though he lies about the unfortunate incidents in the family in the past. And then enters the three actors of the movies who have to play physically-challenged characters in order to woo the father of the 3 girls. Girls believe that the boys are in love with them but they are behind the money of their father. Then enters Jackie Shroff to reveal many suspense which changes the course of the movie for some time.

            The first half and the second half does not have much difference except Jackie Shroff who becomes one of the main character in the second half. The dialogues in the movie are so poor that right from the first scene to the end, your quest to laugh like a crazy audience remains unfulfilled. The projection of bad Hindi of the girls, the abbreviations used by Jackie Shroff and references given by Boman Irani in his dialogues- are are big failures as none were enough interesting to keep you glued to the movie. The plot and sub-plots are idiotic and few scenes are so stupid that you can't believe that even in 2016, Bollywood is still making such movies in name of comedy.

             Talking about the performances, Akshay Kumar is always convincing in whatever he does in a movie and definitely when it's a multi-starrer movie. Riteish Deshmukh is also funnier in one or two scenes. Abhishek Bachchan isn't made for such roles so it wasn't quite delighting to see him force himself into doing what script demanded from him. Actresses are a part just for smiles, thighs and dance. Rest, Boman Irani, Jackie Shroff and Chunky pandey have also done justice with their roles. Overall, I would like to say that Housefull 3 is another Bollywood comedy movie which has made a joke of itself. I give it no stars as I, seriously, didn't like any part of it. 



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