23 April 2016 | By: Writing Buddha

Happy World Book Day to everyone!!!

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   The world is celebrating the World Book Day and I feel as if it's my birthday. Haha! Well, that must be the feeling of almost everyone who's a bibliophile or loves reading book whenever he gets a minute or two. I have been away from novels from lots of week and I feel as if I have lost half of my brain. It makes me feel as if I'm a handicap and I do not have the same capabilities in my body as before. Every time I see a new book launch happening or a new book put up for pre-orders, I remember the days when I used to read one book after another without stopping even for a minute. But then this professional life came in and sucked up the important hours from my life. The little that's left after it is consumed by MBA preparations. I miss my reading days and feel as if I have broke-up with myself.

           Books have always been a companion whenever I have felt low in life. Many a times, my acquaintances ask me why don't they find me with friends or my social media activities filled up with uncountable selfies with different friends. I tell them that pick up a good book or just any book and read it with full concentration and then let me know if you felt need of any human being at that point of time in your life. That's what a good book does with you. It's a sort of meditation where you pull your concentration away from every other activity of your life and put all your consciousness in the book that you are reading. You don't even want to know what a person sitting besides you is doing. That's the kind of relationship you start sharing with a book. And it's immortal and unforgettable. 

            Every book teaches you something. Even a pulp-fiction consisting of a cheesy love tale teaches you something about people in love. Next time you meet a friend of yours who is exactly like that protagonist, you know you'll have to respect his emotions regarding love and his partner rather than calling him a psycho or old-school. When you start sharing the knowledge you get from these books, you are made familiar with more facts that you never read or studied hence making you much knowledgeable person than before. And when you start implementing the good words advised in a book, you eventually become a person that you always aspired to be or thought it impossible for yourself. The personality gets changed with a book so easily that you won't even feel the hard change. On this World Book Day, I would like to ask everyone of you to target a certain amount of books that you'll finish reading this year itself and each one of them should be of different genre than other. Let's celebrate a life with Books rather than a Day with them. This entity deserves to be felt every day until you breathe your last. :-) 



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