24 April 2016 | By: Writing Buddha

7 Years of Being a Proud MUMBAIKAR!!!

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The town in Navi Mumbai where I stay
         On this 15th April, I completed 7 years in Mumbai. With each year, the connection with this city just keeps on getting stronger and inseparable. The fresh and positive feelings with which I kept my feet on the earth of this city is still the same even after struggling for 7 years incessantly. While I was searching job last year, many people used to advise me to move to Pune or Bangalore in case I am finding it hard to find any job in Mumbai. I used to smile in front of them but I would always get worried after the concerned persons used to leave about how would I live in some other city at all. I have come to a state where thinking of migrating away from Mumbai gives me goosebumps. My father often asks me to search for a foreign job but I find it hard to believe that I would move miles away from this city. It's scary!

            I am here since my 12th class result was announced i.e. by the time I was out of my teenage, I was in Mumbai, trying to establish myself with maturity and sincerity. And there could have been nothing positive than being in a city which is itself known for fulfilling dreams of many. Currently, I have my cousins trying to find a cut off in many different fields but are failing continuously. They are staying in a city like Kanpur or Arga or Delhi and finding it hard to find a ground for themselves. I had to put my efforts just for a month and I had a job in hands. This city either gives you success very easily or very hard but it surely fulfill your wishes if you are serious enough to respect yourself.

           Many people complain about Mumbai being very mean to outsiders but if you'll start counting all the people who are content in this city, you'll find 75% of them who have migrated here from some other city. Mumbai sucks all of your energy if it is giving a part of it to you. And you should be ready for that. Every actor, cricketer, businessman, singer, writer or politician that you'll see emerge from Mumbai, you will find enough traits in them to inspire your life. Because they have fought against the challenges that this city throws upon the individuals. It tests you until and unless you do not impress it by achieving that BIG thing which you dreamed while coming in to this city.

           I find myself special that I have graduated and post-graduated from this city. I am again doing a part-time post-graduation from one of the well-known colleges. I have earned my first part-time and full-time salary from here. I have secured my first job here. I find myself lucky enough to be repeating these achievements forever being credited into my life while I belonged to MUMBAI. I want to work for next 35 years here itself. I hope God and my inner soul blesses me to fight future hurdles and secure better prospects in my professional life in Mumbai itself. This city loves me immensely and my love for it is incomparable and immortal. Hope it always stays like this. My hug and love to every Mumbaikar as they make it easy for each other to survive in this Maximum City. Jai Mumbai!!! Jai Maharashtra!!!



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