9 July 2024 | By: Writing Buddha

2100* BLOGS in 5458 Days with Lakhs of You!!!

2100th BLOG POST

Well, we have finally reached this milestone where this small space on the very big World Wide Web has completed 2100 BLOG POSTS. It has almost been 15 years since I have been writing here – my thoughts, my opinions, my life updates, book reviews, discussion on movies and what not. At the average with which this has been continued for 1.5 decades, it boils down to 140 posts every year which means a post in almost every 2.5 days. I don’t know if I have ever been committed to anything in the way I have been to writing on this platform.


There have been times in life when things have scattered me but the thought of this medium being stuck with no updates has always poked me even in those vulnerable and broken state. I have always wanted to come back here and find my peace. This is a therapy for me. Whenever someone explains the moment when someone has achieved complete spirituality without being aware of their identities, I am able to relate it with the period when I am blogging. I actually forget everything and I am completely in a flow state where thoughts start appearing automatically. The only job I have to do is to keep punching keys on my keyboard and keep reading myself what’s getting created in the nothingness of the universe of my mind.


This year – 2024 is turning out to be the most depressing year in terms of my appearance on this space as this is just the 10th post and the 2nd half of the year has already begun. This one thing has been a source of irritation whenever I sit and analyze my days. The irregularities of getting into the space of writing is pinching me every moment. Despite having the environment and enough time, somehow, I am not able to manage this. Certain priorities must have definitely taken the pedestal over and above this but I know my core. I know it can never live in satisfaction without writing here. Not that I anticipate readers to read it but because I know how my emotions get relaxed after having keyed out some of it here.


Anyway, let’s promise this space that I would try to better the 2nd half and not end up making 2024 the year with the least updates on this medium. I will ensure to buck myself up and level up with the expectations I have with myself. Apart from the blogging world, the 1st half of the year has been a very mixed year for me personally. There have been sweet moments but unfortunately, the poisonous ones have almost touched the count of these moments and ensured that I am always in a hopeful moment waiting for great times ahead. Going through the present can sometimes be very difficult if future isn’t arriving soon. You love pain but only up to the point where it doesn’t become suffering. Once you start suffering, life doesn’t remain to be pleasant and joyful.


Professionally, I learnt a lot in the first six months but also experienced toxicity very closely for the first time. It created a good amount of havoc in my life. But as we always mention while acknowledging the unpredictability of life that good things happen to us when we least expect it, I experienced something similar when I met the moment which changed everything for me. This beautiful occurrence collided with the worst days I was going through and everything started falling in place. I was able to fight against the tide because I had someone to hold me whenever I found myself stumbling down. Otherwise, I act strong in isolation but it taught me how companionship makes your vulnerability come up and face you. It only happens to judge if you are able to share it with your companion free-mindedly. If Yes it means you have already taken a big decision of your life to not lead life all by yourself but with someone as a partner.


I have spent some really lovely days of my life in the last 5 months and I can’t stop thanking God for it and everyone who must have prayed for such time to come in my otherwise boring life. Haha! There are events which makes you take some harsh decisions for yourself realizing that you also want the opposite to happen for your wellbeing. It’s just that certain incidents scare you enough to not wanting to go through the same route again knowing that it is repaired now and many have already crossed the same bridge safely. You just want your inner peace to be safe and immune hence you make yourself ready to not let anyone touch that soft space which can break again and take another lifetime to repair.


But when you become hopeless, I don’t know how great hopeful moments start getting pulled towards us. You get more than what you ever expected. You get more than what you ever deserved. You get more than what you call happiness. You get more than what you know as Life. You get something beyond which explains that life is no more the same experience but something more blissful than it has ever been. I found myself in a state of flow where I could find my most loving side taking over all the negative traits. I understood that I am already on a journey where I am meeting myself through someone else. I understood that there could never be a complete I without WE. I comprehended the fact that life is no more going to be only about me but a beautiful US which will challenge my default and make me upgrade my existence every moment.


21 is considered to be an auspicious number in Hinduism. It is also considered to be perfection in Bible as well. Whenever the highest honour is to be given to someone, 21-gun salute is considered to be the best way to portray the respect. 21 is considered to be the age when a human being is considered to be mature to take certain individual steps in their life without any elder guidance. And here, I write my 21st century Blog Post which is auspicious in certain ways and I dedicate it to the phenomena – to the event – to the person – to the lifeline – to the one who is spreading love and hope in my life. To the one who appeared in my life like a magic and proved the existence of the divine energy in whom I always believed- even when someone else in my shoes would have proclaimed of no such superpower existing who fulfils the wishes of human kind. This year shall always be about this beauty that has touched my life with its gentleness and hence, this special Blog Post, in all its essence and glory, is a tribute to the same energy which has brought Life in my Life.


Thanking everyone who has stayed along in this long journey of 2100 Blog Posts and hope you shall walk with me until I am capable of moving my feet step by step and reach whatever milestone I can through this. Gratitude and nothing else! Signing off..



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