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The Mystery of The Missing Dog - Snowy by Swati Sinha/Sachi Shukla (Book Review: 4.5*/5) !!!

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The days of childhood when I used to read comics and children’s books are back for me. For a change, I got my hands on the books published for children these days, and I thought of trying them to understand how are they written for these Gen-Z kids. As always, I chose the books published by Sonalika Publications with no doubts and purchased 6 of them from Amazon. I know it might sound a bit strange for someone at the age of 34 reading books meant for school kids. Haha! But then a reader within me wanted to explore this section of books and live in nostalgia for a bit. I just finished reading the 1st book of these 6 named “The Mystery of the Missing Dog- Snowy” written by Swati Sinha.


I think not mentioning the name of the illustrator at this very moment would be an injustice, as this book is incomplete without Sachi Shukla’s illustrations, which bring life to the story. The cover page and title of the book themselves are attractive enough for anyone to pick it up for their child. Even children would get attracted to it. This 44-page book is simply a delightful experience to read. The way the whole book is designed with art and text over it makes you feel that you are in the same world as the story itself.


The author talks about the story where a dog has gone missing in a society, after which the team of Super 5 is called upon for the investigation. This team of 5 consists of 12-year-old kids, but despite their age, they are known to investigate things and provide the results. Their introduction part with the society president is so interesting to read, where the names of every child are related to their personality traits. Similarly, making it in the form of a riddle tickles readers’ curiosity and makes the book much more interactive.


The story also tries to teach children compassion for animals. From my experience, I can say that this sort of attempt to foster constructive and sensible engagements between children and others is completely in line with the publications’ objectives. The way emotions portrayed by children are conveyed makes you feel as if you are around them, observing everything. The book also tries to provide insights into different occupations, such as society president, policeman, etc. At the end of the chapter, there’s another exercise where more professions are represented with animated characters, expecting readers to identify them.


Similarly, there are other exercises at the end of the book that will definitely help children develop their skills. All the good vocabulary used in the story, along with their meanings, are also mentioned in the end, signifying its intention of helping young readers learn new words and use them in their daily interactions. The kind of thrilling angle given to the story also makes it exciting as well. Even as an adult, when I was reading it, I never felt it was childish or boring. I think doing that is not an easy task.


Overall, this is a perfect book to gift to your younger ones. I recommend it to everyone. I give the book 4.5 stars out of 5.





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