27 July 2023 | By: Writing Buddha

When the vehicle drives you... And you just go along... That's LIFE!

2082nd BLOG POST

I remember in tough times; I always pray that why can’t everything be normal and stable. Then I remember the moments when I tell someone about my life and its important events – I always highlight the twists and turns which came unexpected in the journey and changed me completely because it broke a pattern and threw me off guard. Each time I felt that I will drown but every time I found myself above the level of water struggling and finally finding my shore to give myself a new beginning. And this new change has always brought some enthusiasm with it even though there has been nervousness and messiness in beginning. In hindsight, I have always appreciated these unexpected events which changed the path I was walking upon. I can’t even imagine how my life would have been if these events had not happened with me. I wouldn’t be wherever I have reached with the limited potentials that I have.


Last six months have been an amazing rollercoaster ride in terms of realization of few elements from my professional life. I made few changes initially to experience something new. Eventually, when I found something which seemed to be a perfect place, I was thrown away some place where I thought I would just end up in depression. Eventually, with little efforts in terms of understanding the work and bonding with people, I got my happiness back. The travel to office and back made another episode every day where I would read my favorite stuffs and observe people and think what they must be going through in their lives. These 5 hours of traveling every day made me understand a lot about myself.


Work from Home had made me quite comfort-oriented person and I felt there was nothing better than it. Now that I ended up traveling for almost 2 months for 5 hours every day to cover 140 kilometers daily, I learnt about myself that I am not someone who likes to sit at home and not meet new people. I met couple of new people in my office out of which 1-2 have become such a great bond that they are going to remain in my touch for rest of my life. Talking to people in a professional set-up in such a way that you make a brother out of them is an art I have learnt efficiently in my 8 years of working experience. I don’t aspire to become someone whom my colleagues would see only as a human machine who comes every day, does some work and leaves in the evening after generating some output. That’s my role, obviously, but only for earning enough to bring bread and butter at my home. Otherwise, the intention is always to find such people who can enhance my life to the next level.


Now that I had started becoming comfortable with the new ambience and environment, life came in between and reminded me that things can’t be the way even if we plan too much. It again changed my location, my set of people and whatever work I would get now. Right now, the state is of confusion, fear, disappointment and excitement. Confusion because I don’t know what’s happening as things have changed every 24 hours for me, fear because I don’t know if I would be able to take up the new challenge in the same manner as I did recently, disappointment because I won’t be spending my days with amazing colleagues who were becoming friends/brothers gradually and excitement because I am still hopeful that I might get something better than what I was provided.


Now that I am at this stage where the future is completely clueless, I am just loving the way life shows its properties every now and then. I am being completely aware of my emotions because these are the times when you learn about yourself the most. It tells you if you are an optimistic person or pessimistic. It tells if you look forward to things happily or crib about changes in your life. It tells a lot about the emotions and thoughts that goes within us in trying situations. Within these thoughts, there are one or two that ends up forming insights which helps us take great decisions ahead in life. Today, I am not sure what’ll happen next but I know how I am looking at this. I know what I have been through and I know what I am capable of. I know I might succeed or fail. But I know I will try. I know I will be ready to jump without worrying if I will die or survive. I am just flying as of now- not knowing where I am being led towards by the intense wind pushing me here and there. Let’s see if I will fall or fly even higher than I ever have. Life, take me wherever you want me - I am with you. 😊





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