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What is Spiritual about being Punctual? by Ramesh Bijlani (Book Review: 4*/5) !!!

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Well, after reading couple of fiction books, I thought of getting back to my favorite spiritual genre. I picked up Ramesh Bijlani’s non-fiction book named “What is Spiritual about being Punctual?”. This 184-pages book is published by Rupa Publications. There are 36 different chapters where each of them talks about a topic/activity/lifestyle in which we can add a spiritual aspect and make it a devotional or divine act rather than doing it just for material gains. We generally question and discuss how we can be spiritual in this materialistic and practical world where every minute of ours is related to being responsible at work, family or our own well-being. Ramesh has tried to eradicate all these doubts in our mind and teach us a way how we can be spiritually-connected in every form of life in whatever we do.


I liked the way Ramesh has tried summing up this book in different chapters where each of them is of around 3 to 7 pages only making it easier for the readers to go through any topic at any given point of time. It’s not necessary to read the book in the traditional linear fashion. You can jump to any chapter as per your mood and it will give you immense perspective to understand a new philosophy towards living life rather than being dependable on the previous chapters. Ramesh has used easy language for his readers to understand the content easily without getting confused with too much spiritual jargons. Yes! Many spiritual authors purposely use such words, narration or philosophy that it makes tough for reader to understand its meaning. I am glad Ramesh has tried to reach out to his readers like a good teacher explaining things until completely understood by the readers.


Though the title of the book is a bit confusing, it is also just one chapter in the book than the whole book discussing about this one particular aspect. I don’t know why it was made the title as it’s not easy for readers to get attracted towards it due to its complexity. Anyway, author talks about how we can understand the real purpose of our life which is definitely related to spirituality and then, we find answers to everything that we do in our life regarding how we can do it in a spiritual manner. In the last chapter, author gives a great understanding regarding how even a war like Mahabharata was fought in a spiritual manner and not for purpose of violence or display of power. That chapter in the end makes everything crystal clear to you even if the first 35 chapters may not be able to make things decipherable for you.


There are few examples that I would like to mention here which author has discussed in the book: how marketing agency advertises a product in a manner where consumers are fooled about its features whereas it can be done in a way that both the parties gain something from it rather than feeling cheated – how divorce can be avoided and even if it needs to be processed, how both parties can mutually separate without causing any harm to the other – how we can drive car on the road keeping our ego and anger aside taking care of everyone: pedestrians, other vehicles on the road, two-wheelers etc. – Grihastha chapter discusses on how parents shouldn’t think raising child is a transaction where they should accept the same love in return…


Further, author discusses how few people have the bad habit of grumbling over everything bad as well as even when something good happens with them – how Internet has made it possible for us to be physically apart yet communicate with each other instantly which was clearly not imaginable even 25 years back – the utilization of money can be improved by ensuring that we use it for good means and realize that people who need it get the due rather than acting miser with them – the importance of touch for human beings is explained and how hugs make us feel calm and safe - Surprisingly, author also covers the aspect of photography regarding how rather than enjoying the present moment we end up capturing it and get stuck in past forever looking at them – How shopping can be done in a way where both shopkeeper and customer can interact with each other thinking about a win-win situation rather than approaching each other for personal gains only etc.


Ramesh has given ample number of examples that helps us understand that even in our daily routine, if we just change the way we look at things, we can achieve happiness and joy rather than waiting for it to arrive in our lives only when we do a spiritual activity. Author has given all the perspective being unbiased towards everyone. The book is basically based from the learnings that author gained from the spiritual personalities- Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Initially, I thought that the book will be all about promoting them but author doesn’t get involved in these tactics and stays true to his purpose behind writing this book.


Talking about the drawbacks – there’s not many but just two points I would like to mention. Author could have added little more topics to the book i.e. around 15-20 more of them as I wanted to know more about such perspectives but felt that the book ended soon after letting us know a very little. Secondly, in the topics such as divorce/marriage/love etc, author sounds biased towards women as all the wrong activities are mentioned to be done by the men only. Author could have kept it balanced by also talking about how women are equally problematic in the modern times and makes it difficult for men to survive by blackmailing them on pretext of lodging false complaints of rape and dowry etc. as our Indian laws are gender-biased.


Overall, this book needs to be read by everyone as it speaks about aspects which can change your whole approach towards life and people. I can definitely feel that I learnt few new things from this one even after having read more than 900 books. I give this attempt 4 stars out of 5.






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