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Inni & Bobo find each other by Soha Ali Khan/Kunal Kemmu (Book Review: 4.5*/5) !!!

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Well, as a Blogger and Book-Reviewer, I have received many opportunities to meet authors in several literature festivals and other events. Unfortunately, I have not been able to be part of many book launches due to their schedule on week-days as I had to earlier attend college and now - office. But it is always a distinct experience to be reading and then writing about the books of which you have been part of their launch. The 1st launch that I attended this year was for the book “Inni & Bobo find each other” written by none other than Bollywood couple- Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Kemmu. I also got an opportunity to meet them and have a short conversation regarding this. Unfortunately, the review couldn’t come soon after the event but yes, let’s do it now before the year ends.


This is 1st book in the “Inni & Bobo adventures” series of which the 2nd book has also got published around October this year. The author-duo are being quite consistent and serious about this writing spree. This is a children’s book with a story that is spoken in around 32 pages with less texts and more illustrations and drawings – definitely to appeal it to children. The book is published in hardcover format with beautiful cover page and well-written synopsis. The team has definitely worked upon the packaging of the book brilliantly as every kid will love to have it. I just wished that the costing of the book could have been affordable as every parent might not purchase it for Rs. 399/-.


The story is about Inni – a little girl and Bobo – a puppy that she adopts eventually from an adoption center. There are several instances where authors have tried to teach values to the children belonging in the target audience age group. One of the main lessons is obvious that it teaches human beings to have compassion and love towards animals as much as we have among our own species. It also speaks about how parents teach their child that she can’t have all the dogs but only one. This reflects about how one can’t have everything they want in life but can only get one or fewer options and they need to find peace with it.


Authors also try to inculcate the value of protecting the beings who need and deserve it as the protagonist picks up the dog which is the most vulnerable of all and scared. It tells that we should always think from humanitarian ground than wanting to have best option for ourselves. The situation where other dogs who protected Bobo until then feels happy about him finding a family where he’ll be always taken care of – teaches that we need to let go of our favorite person/thing if we know they are finding a better place than us.


The story is really sweet which speaks about children’s innocence and unbiased nature also. The book would have seriously been incomplete without illustrations by Rituparna Sarkar as the visualization and colours it has provided to the story is unbeatable. I was forced to first go through all the pictures and then again start reading the story from the Page 1 onwards. How the text and illustrations are related with each other seems that the authors and illustrators thought of the story with the same mind.


Overall, this is a nice attempt. I just hope that the pricing is worked upon and authors can come up with anthologies for children rather than having just one short story in a book that costs so much. I give it 4.5 stars out of 5.






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