28 September 2021 | By: Writing Buddha

मैने बिग बॉस देखना क्यों बंद किया | Why did I stop watching Bigg Boss | In Hindi (Video)

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I have always believed that the content you consume is what you become eventually. Even if you don't become, your thought process changes accordingly. And this is why I always find Bigg Boss very problematic. So I am not saying this without knowing what it is but because I have left it after watching almost 6 seasons of it. I found many changes happening with my personality because of it and as soon as I put a hard stop on it, I could experience my thoughts and personality getting better.

I wanted to record or say this since last two years but I have finally gathered my thoughts together and recorded this video. 

Please do watch it and if you agree with the points I have discussed, please do share it with everyone who believes Bigg Boss is teaching them how to live life. 



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Good have never seen big boss..though :-)

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