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Movie Review: Bhuj - The Pride of India: Typical Bollywood-ish execution! ***

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There are ample of Hindi movies based on Indian Army, Air Force and some even on Navy. Everyone does it in their own way on how they want to portray life of some great people who see nation and its pride above their life. It is very necessary to know about them even if movie is little bit here and there in terms of execution. I had seen the trailer of the movie “Bhuj: The Pride of India” which released on Hotstar just yesterday – again on Independence Day like Shershaah. Seeing it itself I didn’t get the good vibes about it. Shershaah has been a beautiful experience and it released a day before Bhuj came so the comparison is obvious. But leave comparison, even as an individual movie, it doesn’t stand any tall. This movie has bigger star cast such as Ajay Devgan, Sanjay Dutt, Sharad Kelkar, Sonakshi Sinha, Nora Fatehi, Pranitha Subhash etc.; hence the expectations are supposed to be high.


The movie is based on 1971 War and how India fought with Pakistan to save their Western province which made us sacrifice lives of many soldiers. Right from the first scene itself, movie shows how their Air Force attacks our Airbase so that we lose all our runways and can’t compete with their fighter planes. You start liking the whole atmosphere, but the way Ajay Devgan is introduced where he is almost lying as if he is dead and then wakes up suddenly and starts walking like a typical movie hero, you start complaining. Another thing that kept disturbing me was the regular pause in between to introduce us with some characters. It just kept breaking your flow and patience because it happens too often.


The first half is too slow to enjoy it at all. The only above average scene is an action sequence involving Nora Fatehi but even that’s not very superb. The whole excitement begins in the 2nd half when the preparation for the War begins. It is then that you start getting involved with the story but it’s too late by then. Anyway, that whole sequence is nicely directed and portrayed. The same Bollywood problem lies as you see one soldier continuously fighting against multiple opponents without getting affected at all which looks completely unbelievable.


Also, there’s another complain I have. It’s 2021 now. The audiences have got very matured with great content on OTT platforms – the same place where your movies are releasing. It’s high time we see Army officers dancing and singing with their partner in multiple songs. We can expect some sensibility now. I understand that music is so imbibed in our culture and movies that it’s hard to separate it, but few movies and subjects don’t need them at all. In case you are putting them forcibly, at least try to have such songs that are melodious that even when you are irritated with its inclusion, you end up enjoying the same – the way it’s done in Shershaah.


The dialogues are just okay and doesn’t have any greatness about them. The movie is fine to watch to know the sacrifice our soldiers and brave people went through in the 1971 War but it’s not a great piece of cinema. The climax is good which ends the movie on a great note as you feel proud to see your nation winning. Also, to see how one officer can make big difference is nicely portrayed. Other than that, I remember nothing from the movie which will excite you as a viewer. I give the movie 3 stars. 1 star etc. just for the subject it’s based upon. Even if you miss watching this, you don’t miss something very great.




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