30 June 2021 | By: Writing Buddha

Time to Reflect on my New Year Resolutions as we are halfway through 2021...

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The 1st half of the year 2021 ends today. This year will always be remembered by many of us because of the impact Coronavirus has made on our lives. Some of us have been directly affected by it as we have lost someone from our family, or we have seen someone very close losing their loved ones. It has been a very difficult phase and I understand the kind of pressure and stress we have been through due to this. The daily panic and fear of survival has kept us busy checking the statistics of Corona patients count in our country and area. During such times, we forget thinking about ourselves and get lost in the moment where we spend time thinking about what the case would be if something happens to us. This causes more damage than providing any kind of peace, but I acknowledge that many of us can’t turn our faces away from what has been happening around us and stay updated with our work.


But all of you will agree that irrespective of the worst days all of us have been through, offices have not given us break, schools have not given children holidays and businesses have also not paused. Everything which needs mandatory intervention has involved us somehow – irrespective of whatever mindset we were in. Hence, I believe we should also think about focusing on our positive routine which ultimately helps us in creating a positive aura around us. We need to focus on the activities for which we are not liable to anyone, but we must answer ourselves either at the beginning of the day or the end. We must maintain the protocols we create. Only when you’ll do stuffs for yourself will you be able to do good stuffs for others – either at college, office or even home.


I am sure many of you must have created resolutions at the beginning of the year but must have forgotten about it completely by now due to all these external interventions. Now is the time to go back to your New year Resolutions list and check what commitments you had made to yourself. If you find that achieving them is almost impossible because you have already lost 180 days, start executing them with the mindset that you’ll complete half of them so that you can be proud of yourself later that whatever time you got after you got aware of the same, you made full use of it. In case there is a possibility that you can manage to complete your resolutions even in the remaining 180 days, go for it.


I just went through my resolutions, and you can check how I am doing with most of them. Some of them have become Not Applicable now due to the coronavirus as the external movements have got restricted but otherwise things are almost on pace. I am sure to get some smile in the end of the year as I would be accomplishing most of what I had promised myself while welcoming this beautiful year.



Lose 7 Kgs

Lost 3 kgs. 4 more to go.

On Track

Reduce my cholesterol levels by 100 points.

Lost 60 points. 40 more to go.

On Track





36 Books

23 Books done. 13 More to Go.

On Track

Bhagawad Gita

Reading it regularly on Ekadashis and Thursdays

On Track

Maintain Notes while reading

Created for all the eligible books read till now.

On Track





100 Blog Posts

39 Blog Posts done. 61 to go.


60 Insta Posts

74 Insta Posts already


10 Personal Blog Posts

8 posts done. 2 remaining.






24 videos

15 videos done. 9 to go.






18 Ekadashi Vrats

All the 12 Vrats done till now. 6 to go.


Hanuman Chalisa recitation

Doing everyday

On Track





Shambhavi Mahamudra – 180 times

Not counted but little behind with this






Sustain the current job

Managing. Haha!

On Track





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Brinda Vijay said...

We all have made resolutions for every new year and broken them! Its nice to see you have achieved a certain success in a few areas! I like your honesty.

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