16 February 2021 | By: Writing Buddha

How unfair can LIFE be for few of us..

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Just now read the Facebook post and saw the video posted by Sandeep Nahar before he hung himself to death. I am just shocked and surprised. I didn’t know him by name till this news started flashing in my feeds but I definitely remember him very well through the characters he played in Dhoni’s biopic and Kesari. While watching his video, the thought came into my mind about how he looks completely fine when he is talking even when he has been in stress from such a long time due to the toxic relationship of marriage he got himself trapped in. Now, anyone who must have met him recently thought that he’s completely fine and things are okay with him. Even he must not have showed the disappointment life is throwing at him right from when he wakes up till he sleeps in the night. But amidst all the chaos that kept happening in his life even when he was right, the best step he felt taking forward is leaving forever.


Do the people because of whom he took this ultimate step care about their behaviour which they could have improved when their family member was alive? I am sure they must be thinking about how to put the whole blame on him and show that how bad a husband he was. No one must be realizing that they have done something so terribly wrong which made a person take away his life. I am just numb at the moment and thinking how life becomes unfair to some who takes few decisions in their life thinking about others but not about themselves. I believe being selfish should be a priority now rather than thinking of becoming as selfless as possible and ruining your life for others. It is high time as individuals we should become selfish.


Even after we consider every damn factor while taking any decision or planning our day ahead, something or the else happens that takes away the zeal of living a great and inspiring life. People who are fed up of living such dual life where they are in trouble at one end whereas they need to pretend to be fine at another end finds ending their life a better deal than dealing with such dualities and unfairness. And I think for how long one can suffer 100s of tragedies that keeps hitting every now and then. When one discusses this with people around them, they are provided a suggestion that everyone has problems and it’s not that only you are going through it. But I have seen people who have faced only day-to-day small challenges and nothing major hitting their life ever. Hence, scaling everyone’s suffering on the same parameter is wrong. There are few with whom Universe does absolutely wrong and such souls are suffering what you and I can’t even predict.


 Calling anyone coward which even Sandeep mentioned in his FB post is completely wrong if someone doesn’t accept life in its challenging form. I don’t know what happens spiritually if someone dies by suicide but if there’s a way to end one’s suffering which is getting out of one’s ability to handle it, I think it’s better for that particular person. To correct, I am not endorsing this method of running away from life and its challenges at all. I am just saying the people who take this path are destined to leave all of us in this way. Death is inevitable which is going to happen someday. It must be God’s plan of giving you enough power to decide it for yourself when you want to get away with this phenomenon of life.


Life is not bed of roses for everyone. For some it is really difficult to even think of keeping their next step because every time they keep their feet down to take next step, they find 100s of thorns pricking into their soft skin. They still try to somehow walk ahead but when life is always showing the difficult and dangerous path for moving ahead, how long can someone walk like this? Only the people who go through this know about the pain they have to suffer at each and every step before they take this decision of holding themselves to the same spot or quitting this only way called Life for moving ahead. I believe taking away anyone’s life, even your own life, is a crime and one shouldn’t take this path at all but saying this, I also realize that because I have not experienced what these people have suffered, I can’t take judgment which has only one point of view which world believes to be right. I don’t think what world believes to be right is always right. We need to gain too many perspectives before deciding for someone else. For us, yes, we can always decide if we need to keep continuing on this hard path or join all these people who had to quit midway. Hope no one gets to suffer the way Sandeep Nahar and others had to suffer.





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Tushar Rathod said...

Sometimes people make mistakes that can haunt them whole life, there is no way they can avoid its consequences. When i was younger, i used to think that suicide is cowardice. As i grow older and see complications of life, i can understand their perspective. Corrupt minded and evil people don't go on guilt trips,innocent ones do. They feel suffocated and suicide feels the only option for their liberation.

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