31 December 2020 | By: Writing Buddha

1900* BLOGS in 4172 Days with Lakhs of You!!!

1900th BLOG POST 

Out of many resolutions that I keep every year, this year, I had ensured that I will be writing my 1900th Blog Post. Surprisingly, it has come down to the last day of the year when I am writing this when the year shall end within next 4 hours. I think sometimes how much you plan, it is God who decides the last word and things happen accordingly. If writing the 1900th Blog Post is designed by the universe on 31st December, 2020, so I think it is for me to believe that the year for me ended up on good note at least in terms of my Blogging career by achieving this landmark.


It has taken 4172 days to deliver 1900 different posts which is almost one post in every 2.08 days. This tells me that I have almost stayed with this medium day in and day out. There have been several instances in life when I saw things falling apart all around me but something that kept me standing and fighting with the obstacles and challenges of life has been my love for writing and talking with everyone who reads it. Many people ask me that it has been more than 11 years since you are blogging but you haven’t got the kind of success others get through social platform these days.


What should I tell them? What can I tell them? There are several examples where people keep delivering their art on social platforms in the wait for one to go viral and giving them the fame and with it, the much-awaited success. Don’t I feel like my blog or any of my posts going viral? I certainly do. But does that make me depressed or low? Not at all. That is the last priority ever. The first priority is always to vent out the emotions and thoughts I have within me. It is always about sharing whatever I am feeling at the moment. Because when that happens and whatever amount of response I get on the posts, it makes my heart feel light and energetic.


Post this, the next priority is to ensure that my blog posts inspire everyone who is reading regularly. I accept that there are less personal or spiritual posts lately and more of book reviews but there are many who have started reading after seeing regular book reviews here. Some or the other book arose curiosity for them to get into the world of books and know what it speaks of. And whatever little bit I write these days from my personal life also makes others take decisions wisely. They learn from the mistakes I have done. They have seen me grow from a 20 years old boy to a 31 years old man. They have seen all the phases I have been in. And that makes them understand me as a person and therefore, they also give me advices that I would not have got if I didn’t have a Blogspace like this.


And after this, if there is any other priority left then it is to benefit Indian authors. When I had started reading a decade back, whenever I discussed about this new habit of mine, and if someone turned out to be an avid reader too – I always heard them speak about foreign authors only. This made me think how Indian authors will grow in India if no one will speak about them and every reader will keep on reading foreigners only. Then I decided that I would read Indians as much as possible and write about all the books that I’ll read. And that is why I have kept doing this since a decade now and I love the kind of support Indian authors have given me in return. This has made my life a little bit celebrated too.


In all that I mentioned above, if doing these, I get some fame or my blog goes viral, it is great but even if it doesn’t, it doesn’t take away anything from me. My energy remains to be the same and that is already evident from the rate I mentioned above with which I have written on this blog space. It would not have been possible if I had aspired for getting too much of fame or readership. Remember, one person listening to you with complete devotion is better than 1000s sitting in the crowd with no attention towards what you are speaking. I have always believed in this and I have also seen people getting motivated or inspired from this space. That is enough for me.


Now, it’s time that I am writing last paragraph of this year. First of all, I would like to wish all of you a very Happy New Year and want to see all of you emerge as a stronger person than what happened with all of us emotionally in 2020 due to the pandemic. I know life becomes very tough at times but all we have to do is to take all the strides that come our way. And if things really become difficult and you think you can’t survive, the last thing I would like to request all of you is to talk to your parents before taking any big decision that shall disappear you from this planet in a moment. Parents always forgive you for the mistakes you make and see how you can be taken out of the trap you have fallen in. I would like to pay my condolences to Sushant Singh Rajput on this note – the man who stayed in my mind for most of the time this year. Hope none of us have to go through what he went through.


May God Bless All of Us in 2021!





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