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Give Your Heart a Break by Anuj Tiwari (Book Review: 3.5*/5) !!!

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Just after I end up reading the last word of any book, a rating gets imprinted in my mind immediately. So, when I ended up reading Anuj Tiwari’s latest book “Give Your Heart A Break” published by Rupa Publication and a rating flashed in my mind, I went onto check the ratings I gave to the previous 4 books written by him, I realized this is the best book written by Anuj Tiwari as per my taste. The cover page of the book is themed in white colour which gives a peaceful impression to the story and it is exactly like that. Though Anuj is known for writing love and romantic stories, this book is actually based on the Brother-Sister and Cousin relationship unlike the other books written by him.

Once again, Anuj has tried writing on relationships and right from the first chapter, he starts talking about all kinds of relationships in the story where they are sharing good and bad phase respectively. The protagonist is going through the process of divorce as she had been suffering physical abuse from a long time. Her brother, Agastya, and cousin, Arjun, are all in there for her support. The bond between Agastya and Addya is very beautiful described where Agastya’s selfless and obsessed love for his sister shows in the actions that he takes in her favour to secure her from her bad phase of life and bring her back in her flamboyant, confident and carefree avatar. Arjun’s character is used as a supporting cast in the book where he plays his part in supporting Addya and bringing in some motivation for her in life regularly. Arjun is portrayed by the author as if he’s talking about his real self. Anuj’s favourite, Dimpy Aunty, also plays cameo in the book and I am glad that Anuj has not overdone her character just for maintaining the hype that he creates on social media for her but used it sensibly.

Talking about the story, there are not many twists and turns that shall make you fall in love with the story as already mentioned, book stays focused on talking about characters and their relationship with each other. Story focuses only on the problems faced by Addya and how everyone is out there to support her by thick and thin. Anuj has handled the scenario very well as it must have become quite boring if the character would have been regularly showcased as a victim but rather she has been portrayed as someone who is wanting to stand back on her feet. This keeps the story moving forward in a pace which you shall love reading.

Another thing that I would like to mention quite specifically are paragraphs which talks about several topics such as motivation, thoughts on love, loneliness, affection, relationships, life, inspiration etc. which are actually very effective. Any among all those sentences can strike anyone who is feeling down in life to get charged up to do something bigger and incredible as it is written keeping youth in mind. Being a young author, such pieces should be part of any book in some way or the another and I am glad that Anuj has tried and done it so well.

Talking about the drawbacks- the story is very simplistic. Anuj should now start leaving his comfort zone and write stories which are more than just love and relationship. Even though there was a small incident of a suspense kept in the story but even that is worked upon very simply in the end of the book. The court sessions are also tried to be kept realistic but they couldn’t create any kind of magic as they play the major part in the story.

Overall, this book is a nice light read which you can read while traveling or in a single sitting on a silent weekend. The way one of the romance writer has written a book not on intimate relationship but on the Brother-Sister relationship only is commendable and appreciable. I give this book 3.5* out of 5. I recommend it to everyone who is feeling down due to some personal tragedy in life, mostly, if it is a girl.



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