24 September 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

1st Day After Fresher Night !!!

           I dont know why brains are kept fresh. Why dont everyone try something on their own? Why do they need everything readymade?? Im writing blogs before my college started and now when its getting popular in my class...Friends have started saying hamara bhi banaa de..aur jo kahenge wo update kartey rehnaa..Am I this useless now???...It took me so much of time to discover a beautiful site which will give me the best blog..best facility....and after all this I got Blogspot.com which is powered by google...Now everyone is creating their blogs in my class...and they are facing diffficulties...So they come to me and inspite of asking for help they say...ye le hamari photo..blog pe laga dena...aur ye shayari jaa ke likh denaa..Haraamkhoro....Mehnatt karo seekho....Im not going to do anything for all of you..Read this para carefully.....

         I was excited to go to college today because after the fresher party this was my first day in the college...Today I went to the college alone as Yusuf didnt came with me....As soon as i halted at station there were 5 seniors-3 boys and 2 girls...as soon as they saw me they exclaimed...Hey Mr. Fresher....and they congratulated me and said your incorporated steps were excellent in your dance performance..hope you will even perform on the fest in our college..I said No....They said after showing your talent infront of the whole college Now even you cant save yourself...You are been caught...Mr. Fresher...I just smiled....and marched towards college...On the way , Archana-My classmate met in the way...She was absent on the freshers party...So she Congratulated me and said you were the Fresher King naa?..and hearing the word KING was the biggest torcher...I said it wasn't KING it is Mr. Fresher....then I told her everything about rounds and party....

         Management period started where we sit with the BBA class...everyone was staring me in such away as What different will they get to see in my face....Some of them said...You performed well but many were there who were just staring as I have stolen their money...Hey God...save me with this look of the BBA students...I even met my senior Sharon...who was very happy with my win...and the man who has arranged the whole fresher's night..

         Till the evening took its face on.....News clinged into my ears that Vrushali's father, She is my classmate.....has expired...and there was me thundered....My mind ceased.....Blood sunked......I never expected this type of news....Vrushali is so quite...such a nice girl....she is so soft.....never converse with boys...She talks to me just because I handle the whole class in the practical lab...and right now Im feeling so bad and so exhausted that what to say now...Sometimes God takes decision without thinking the circumstances...of the individual's family...Now my prayings to the god will be....Bless Vrushali with the bright future...as I think she is the only hope now...Give her all the strength...to face this world....And my request to Vrushali will be- Whenever you face problem just come to me....Facing the hook and the crook..I'll surely help you out....

Abhilash Ruhela

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